I Love You Goodbye Movie Review

Star Cinema has been promoting the movie 'I Love You Goodbye' as the best movie for this Metro Manila Film Festival. Even several Kapamilya stars vowed to the spectacular performances for the lead stars - Gabby Concepcion, Angelica Panganiban, Kim Chiu and Derek Ramsay. But as I watched the movie, I'm totally disappointed.

For an MMFF entry, I Love You Goodbye is a crap. The story is quite predictable. This is a drama movie so I expect more heart-breaking scenes but there was none to my surprise. Perhaps I could relate to some lines but it doesn't give credit to ILYG.

I must say Kim Chiu really did a great job on some of her acting stints. Angelica Panganiban is a thumb up too! But, the story, whoa! It's not really a great one.

I could name several Star Cinema produced movies that were great - One More Chance, And I Love You So, A Very Special Love. But this one, I can't believe they even competed this for MMFF.

Hayz! Star Cinema should learn from this movie for 2010 MMFF.
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  1. then which movie do you think is the best in the recent mmff??? u crap, if ILYG is a trash, what more are the other films???

  2. we are entitled to our own opinions...

    well at leaset, ILYG wins the best story, best cinematography...

    I always admire angelica for her dept and sincerity in acting, very powerful, the facial expressions, the gestures, and all,,,

  3. to say that the movie is disappointing is acceptable but saying that it's a crap is really being inconsiderate...

  4. the actors are great but the STORY is a one hell of a CRAP!!!! really disappointing. what happebed guys? i believe there are talented and great Filipino writers out there.. cmon it's 2010 guys lets make a difference :)

  5. Hey to Anonymous below me, you've already watched the movie? I must say that the other films in MMFF are better than ILYG. One thing's for sure, ILYG doesnt belong to the BEST movies in the MMFF.

  6. xchange links pls.


  7. I find the actors of ILYG really effective especially Angelica. Derek's not only hot, he's got talent too.

    The plot was typical but I liked the conflict resolution. Let's just say it is Star Cinema outside their comfort zone, and we should appreciate it.

    Well, I would say, compared to some MMFF 09 movies, ILYG is worth watching, next to Mano Po 6.

    Happy new Year!

  8. the ending destroyed the whole movie. it's sad coz i really liked the story. i mean derek got run over by a car... how pathetic can that be??? the story could have been better. what should have happened was that lizelle and gary missed each other in the bus station, both of them couldn't contact each other. when lizelle gets home, adrian isn't there, but finds the photos gary took of her on their bed and a letter that he will leave her be. lizelle goes back to the beach she and gary went to on the way to ilocos, to find gary already there. they kiss and the story ends.

  9. all filipino movies are trash!!