Ryan Agoncillo to leave Talentadong Pinoy for Survivor Philippines 3?

After his hosting stints in Eat... Bulaga!, Ryan Agoncillo is still not a certified Kapuso nor a Kapamilya (for George and Cecil). He's more inclined to TV5 for his dedication for the weekend top-rater Talentadong Pinoy. But, after Paolo Bediones transferred and became an exclusive talent of TV5, GMA Network is now in the look for the next host of Survivor Philippines.

According to some sources, GMA Network is in negotiations with Ryan Agoncillo to take the post as a host of the third season of Survivor Philippines. And to make the deal more appealing to Ryan, the Kapuso network also offered him to work as an actor in the upcoming Kapuso remake of the Koreanovela Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart as Andrew. Also, he's offered with other shows including a game show and a news and public affairs program. The only thing that GMA Network is requesting him to leave TV5.

I know this kinda' hard for Ryan. He's with Talentadong Pinoy from the very beginning when it was just an ordinary show. Now that it's claiming the top stop on weekend ratings, and that, both big networks are following it's recipe, leaving it for better career is not that easy.

My personal view in this is that, GMA Network should not force Ryan to leave his show in TV5. I know the rule of exclusivity but isn't it the time for the local TV networks to work on freelancing? Why be exclusive? As long as Ryan's project on GMA do not compete with his current show in TV5, it's supposed to be okay.

Let's see how Ryan will decide on this matter.
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  1. hello there..ive already added you..thanks a lot!

    about ryan... he doesn't know the word loyalty..

    from kapuso to kapamilya to TV5 and now back to Kapuso...

  2. @mykiru,

    I know. Ryan is a person of integrity and he just don't want to be tied up with a specific station.

    Thanks for adding me pala ah! hehehe