Sam Pinto evicted tonight in Pinoy Big Brother Double Up

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up's Fashionista Sam Pinto was this night's evictee. Garnering an average vote percentage of 8.64%.

Housemates Jason and Johan were saved from the elimination night. Here's the score board of the three:

Votes to Save:
1. Jason 38.11%
2. Johan 20.48%
3. Sam 18.05%

Votes to Evict:
1. Johan 10.29%
2. Sam 9.41%
3. Jason 3.66%

Final Tally of Votes:
1. Jason 34.46%
2. Johan 10.19%
3. Sam 8.64%

Catch Pinoy Big Brother Double daily on ABS-CBN. 

Photo Credit: lloydiemon's Photobucket
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