StarStruck V's Factor 3!

No one was eliminated from StarStruck V tonight due to the presence of Factor 3. Factor 3 took effect this night leaving the 10 remaining survivors at peace. But Factor 3 has three levels. First, the voting public will have to vote for the survivor they wanted to be eliminated. 60% of the total votes will come from the voting public. To cast for your votes, key-in OUT(space)Name of StarStruck survivor and send to 367 for Smart Networks and 2344 for Globe/Sun Networks.

Second, 20% of the total votes will come from the StarStruck Council: Manay Lolit Solis, Iza Calzado and Floy Quintos. But due to Factor 3, their power is temporarily suspended for this week to give way to the third level which is...

Third, 20% of the votes will come from the survivors themselves. For the first time of StarStruck history, they will be voting out a survivor from their batch.

Two survivors - male and female - will be voted out next week from this Factor 3. I'm sure, this is going to be an exciting twist in StarStruck history!

I must say that like Manay Lolit Solis commented a while ago in the show, today's batch has the most number of talented and good-looking survivors. For sure, a lot of them will get a blooming career for 2010. So, cast your votes now!

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  1. very GAYA GAYA of PBB3's VSVE system... well anyways, it just proves that GMA 7 sucks and continues to be a station of losers and immitation.