StarStruck's Factor V means MY5!

StarStruck V Live tonight announced it's last factor - Factor 5 - which has two parts. The first part was the MY5 vote and the other one is the secret that will be revealed next week.

Since there will be a Final Five this season, this only means that next week, one survivor will be eliminated from the competition. So, vote for your bets now!

Here's how to vote for your MY5:

Text in MY5 (space) Survivor1,Survivor2,Survivor3,Survivor4,Survivor5 and send to 367 for Smart subscribers and 2344 for Globe and Sun. Only complete votes will be accepted. Online votes are also available on the StarStruck website.
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  1. Nina should be eliminated, why? bec being professional artist, she has to not clammed off about how she work hard in the condo and being rage about the boss, In my perception a boss whatever he has to tell or amend you should be willing to listen and do it with iniatives,..and if you will work or any job in the showbiz industry you should'nt create any hurtful feelings and tell on camera it only destructed or deficit people liking you. Plus she have to create a good relation to your neighbor in showbiz. Or be willing to forgive if it is not really a big of a deal issue. not saying oh . I 'm really mad at blablabla. That work is to be hardwork.