Around The Buzz Primetime's February 2010 Blog Statistics

Once again, ATBP! got an impressing statistics for the month of February! 

After reviewing the data gathered from the January 2010 statistics taken from, it is good to report that ATBP! garnered a total of 12,344 views with 7,365 of these views considered as unique! This is way better compared to our January 2010 statistics with 7,796 views and 4,730 unique views. Congratulations, Kapartner!

Regarding our visitors, we also gathered the most number as compared to the January 2010 statistics! Wow!

Our top keywords for February 2010 include the newest morning talent/variety show Diz Iz It!, Backstreet Boys's Concert, Bayan's newest service iWanTV, the TV series First Time and Tanging Yaman, and the instant celebrities Barbie Forteza of First Time and American Idol's Andrew Garcia.


Our Top Referrals still include,, and


Once again, thank you for all the support for this newbie site! Thank you, Kapartners!
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