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I've been blogging for like five years now. And I'm so happy for what I'm doing. I get to interview people, attend events, get some freebies, try some product samples or services and review them for my readers. But what I love the most was when I opened this entertainment blog last year - Around The Buzz Primetime! It gave me the freedom to talk about the entertainment world that I am limited to write on my personal blog. I decided to make a new one and separate this niche for other showbiz addicts to converge on this side of the world wide web without affecting the standing and contents of my personal blog.

I am writing this to inspire more bloggers and people to enjoy what they're doing. To encourage them to do what they want to do. One way or another, we have to enjoy our work, our daily tasks. So whether you are into sports, or into academics, to food or travel, you can always blog about them. I suggest, create a free website where you can gather your friends and common minded people to talk about your interests!

There are a lot of services offered online to help you in your blog or site. Various website builder are offering cheap or even discounted services for you to enjoy so grab these opportunities now!
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