PBB Teen Clash 2010 Shey Bustamante: Forced Evicted!

Due to consistent violation to the Pinoy Big Brother's Rule Book, Shey Bustamante is the 3rd teen housemate that Kuya announced for forced eviction. It can be remembered that aside from her, Maichel Fideles and Eslove Briones were also forced evicted for this batch of PBB Teen Clash of 2010.

Those who are also involved to that violation where Shey talks about the nomination outside the confession room were automatically nominated for this week. They are Joe Vargas, Patrick Sugui, Devon Seron
and Kyra Custodio.

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  2. She deserves that punishment and the rest of her followers like joe at ang mga uto-utong sina devon,and kyra.I felt sad for tricia all of the housemates are against her. Tricia may be flirt, maarte or whatever but they have to consider that she's only 14 years old. For what happens the sympathy of all the audiences are on tricia’s side. Hope tricia will make it to the big four. :D


  3. that's the punishment of being bitchy. sila ang nakatatanda, they have to look after that young girl. now it's a leson to everyone. esp to those three alalay's of shey na suno sunuran sa kanya. kawawa naman si tricia. always misunderstood by those insensitive housemates.