Carmina Villaroel on Showbiz Central

Carmina Villaruel guested on GMA Network's Sunday Showbiz Talk Show Showbiz Central. The actress and host gained positive feedback from viewers who are very well satisfied with her hosting skills. Carmina has been hosting several shows before including the defunct longest running morning talk show Sis.

On Showbiz Central, Raymond Gutierrez, one of the talk show's main hosts, read one of the show's Facebook comment which says that they really love Carmina in the show and would love to see her as one of the regulars. As for me, why not? 

After her hosting stints in Sis, Carmina, along with fellow hosts Janice and Gellie De Belen, became visible on GMA teleseryes. Though Carmina is a versatile artist, Kapusos miss her hosting and being part of Showbiz Central would surely be give a win-win solution - more of Carmina on TV plus a better competition on Sunday talk shows (Ruffa vs Kris vs Carmina).

Anyways, today, Showbiz Central is on Twitter Trending Topic.
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