Kim Kibum of Super Junior/U-Kiss Epic Failure on Showbiz Central

I am not a fan of the Korean hit boy group U-Kiss but the Philippines is currently on it's first super typhoon this year as the group landed in Manila.

GMA Network supports the U-Kiss concert here in Manila and along with their agreement with the group are several performances and appearances on the Kapuso Network. This Sunday, U-Kiss conquered the party capital of Asia with their performance in Party Pilipinas. They also appeared on Sunday talk show Showbiz Central. Both the two Kapuso shows made it to the Trending Topic of Twitter today.

But of the two shows, it was Showbiz Central that is now on hot seat. Fans of the Korean hit sensation are raving over the shows 'epic failure' when they showed the photo of Kim Kibum of Super Junior instead of Kim Kibum of U-Kiss. 

Fans of the U-Kiss are talking about it on Twitter making it one of the most talked about topic worldwide on Twitter.

Anyways, this is Kim Kibum of U-Kiss:

And this is Kim Kibum of Super Junior:

For all the fans, let me know if I did shown the photos right. As I've said, I'm not a fan of these Kpop group and I just googled their pictures out. Thanks!
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  1. me too... not a big fan of them and all other korean groups

  2. 5 days to go till the next cycle of Hall of Fame! hurry, invite your friends now to vote for your blog and get a chance to be one of the "sikat" at BNP's Hall of Fame! :)

  3. such a shame...they were just visiting the that time, I was shocked too!!!! fire the researchers..they obviously don't know how to google...what a pity