Rachelle Ann Go is Sarah Geronimo of GMA!

Both Sarah Geronimo and Rachelle Ann Go started with GMA Network. After graduating from Star for a Night, Sarah became visible to the Kapuso Network. Viva Entertainment continued the winning streak of their singing show via GMA's Search for a Star where Rachelle Ann Go won as grand champion.

ABS-CBN gave Sarah Geronimo the stardom she's currently enjoying. She was given the right projects and supported her albums and concerts. She top billed top rating teleseryes and even hosted several talent shows in the Kapamilya Network.

I was actually guessing that while Sarah is enjoying the perks and privileges of being a Kapamilya, GMA could build Rachelle the way ABS-CBN built Sarah. But surprisingly, Viva decided to bring Rachelle to ABS-CBN. A week after the grand finals of Search for a Star, Rachelle was welcomed to the Kapamilya network via ASAP

During her stay with ABS-CBN, she never really reached the stardom of her sister in showbiz. Sarah became a multi-talented star conquering not just the music industry but also TV and movies. But Rachelle remained at the back of the Pop Princess.

Now that Rachelle is back to the Kapuso Network, she is expected to do not just hosting and performing on the Sunday Musical Variety Show Party Pilipinas but also to appear on teleseryes soon. If her performance would click, I don't think Viva Films and GMA Films won't give her a movie. While Kapamilyas would think that her transfer to the Kapuso Network is a suicidal attempt for her career, Viva's thinking the other way around. She's given the chance to explore new things that she's limited to do while she's with ABS-CBN due to possible rivalry with Sarah. Now that she's with GMA, there's no other reason to proclaim her as the next Pop Princess to shine.
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  1. ok so 1st of all she's not going to be the popstar princess cuz sarah geronimo is the only popstar princess and always will be...
    rachelle ann go moved to GMA to try and get sarah's spotlight because she's wondering why sarah is doing better than her...
    tht just basically shows tht rachelle is a competitive girl and a fighter...
    also she moved to GMA because she wants a career like sarah's where she's making teleseryes, movies, shows, and concerts.Rachelle will only reach being an Ultimate Champion...
    FYI she may have almost the same career as Sarah but she will never take her spotlight and make herslf shine and be in front of Sarah.
    Sarah will always have her spotlight and stay as the Popstar Princess and will never let anyone take what she has becuz she worked hard for wat she acomplished....
    Making Rachelle an underdog to Sarah because Sarah SHINES LIKE THE SUN and Rachelle SHINES LIKE A LIGH BULB!!(:

  2. i hope hindi lilipat ng network si sarah masasad tlag kaming mga fans nya...!!!!
    lalo na ako,,you always my favorite singer
    wag u sana lumipat ng network

  3. hindi sana lilipat ng ibang network si sarah g.

  4. hindi na lilipat si Sarah G. nang ibang network,dahil mahal na mahal nya ang kapamilya...wag kang bibitiw sarah dahil may mga taong nagmamahal sau at handang tumulong para suportahan kah sa lahat nang bagay,,at isa na kami don pati na ang kapmilya.....I Luv U Sarah G.Stay Always in ABS-CBN...

  5. yes sarah will stay in ABS-CBN...
    dont worry guys she will never move back to GMA because she was loved in the Kapamilya Network... not tht she wasnt loved in the GMA network....
    But whether sarah is in gma or abs-cbn she will always have a spotlight bigger than rachelles!!!
    if she was loved by GMA alot well its the same in ABS-CBN...
    in other words sarah will aklways be loved no matter which netowork she moves to