Cinemalaya 2010: REKRUT Movie Review

I could honestly say that Rekrut is one of my top picks for this year's Cinemalaya! I never really expected that the story is more than what I'm thinking.

Aside from Sigwa, Rekrut has a lot of mainstream stars from Joem Bascon and JM De Guzman to Maxene Magalona and Rich Asuncion as special guest stars. Emilio Garcia, Alwyn Uytingco, Dominic Roco, CJ Ramos, Alchris Galura, Manuel Chua and Rob Sy are also part of this indie film.

What I like about the movie is that while watching it, it will just keep you think that 'yeah, this is going to be another trying hard military action movie' but all throughout the movie, it's not.

It's like watching a youth-oriented show on TV only with this as an all-male cast. 

The movie pictures how is it being trained to be a soldier, to be frontliners in wars, to be away from their love ones and dreams, to be lonely and find new home with their comrades. Nothing's really special on the first part of Rekrut - trainings and fight scenes are just normal and is as expected from trailers and movie posters. But what struck the viewers is it's twist in the end.

You really have to watch the movie to know what I am saying. This is really good! Two thumbs up to Direk Danny Anonuevo for this masterpiece!

Here's the movie trailer:

Special Thanks to Gibbs Cadiz for inviting me to be part of the bloggers group to cover Cinemalaya 2010.

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