Toy Story 3 Movie Review

I know, this is kinda' late. Everyone's talking about Eclipse but here I am, doing a review for the previous kid movie Toy Story 3. But who cares? This is my blog anyway.

So here's my point in the movie. I believed I didn't catch Toy Story's first two installments in the cinema. But I'm pretty sure I can still relate on it's third installment. I'm familiar with Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the gang. I don't remember when but I know I was able to watch one of the first two movies in DVD or TV replays. 

Well, Toy Story 3 could be these lead toy stars's last movie. Andy is all grown up and is now in college. The story revolved on the changes that life offers to every kid. They get to play with their favorite toys in their younger years then have to face serious academic loads when in college. Toys are definitely not part of any college freshmen's must-bring list. 

Andy's toys are all worried on where are they going to be. Now that Andy is moving to college, Woody still make his gang believe that Andy still cares for them. And that they would never be dumped.

The toys have gone a long way in this third series. They found a way to be at the Sunnyside Daycare imagining that this is going to be their new home. But after all the dreams and hopes, they all realized that this new home they call is not the one that they're dreaming of. 

In the end, Andy donated his bunch of toys to a kid whom he knows would take good care of them. That's the best thing that Andy could do to Woody and company. 

The movie is a tear-jerker one if you're into drama. But most of all, it teaches everyone that we all have our time in life. We can not tie ourselves into something because in time, we all get to part ways. What we can do is to enjoy every single moments of our lives because we never get to do it again.
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