Survivor Philippines: Doc Ferdz is Out!

Tonight's Survivor Philippines episode is too surprising! I can't believe that it's Doc Ferdz who's going to leave the tribe. Well then, his performance during his stay in the island made it uncomfortable for his tribemates. He has this leader in himself that overshadows Buwi's presence. I guess that the reason why they failed on the last challenge, because Buwi can't stand his tribe with his own leadership skills knowing that another tribemate - Doc Ferdz - is around.

For those who weren't able to catch tonight's episode, Richard Gutierrez announced to the council that only Buwi, the tribe leader, will determine the first castaway who'll be voted out. Buwi chose Doc Ferdz.

Catch Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown on GMA Network after 24 Oras.

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