The Social Network Movie Review, Trailer

Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines that I get to watch The Social Network movie in Greenbelt. For those who are not aware, our favorite social network Facebook has it's own movie - The Social Network.

Early this year, I've been hearing about how the producers are working with this movie and the stuff. At first, I don't really think that this will be a sure blockbuster one. I mean, yes, Facebook is such a worldwide hit but creating a movie out of the creators themselves, is not a cool thing - unless they really have a great story to tell.

Okay. Let's start it with this. The Social Network is basically a story of the college creators of the great online site Facebook. It's not the usual Maalala Mo Kaya drama where we see how dramatic the subject went through. The Social Network just relayed what happened before Facebook became such an addicting habit.

The Social Network is based from the book The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal by Ben Mezerich. Starting with the Harvard genius, Mark Zuckerberg portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, he created Facemash after his breakup with his girl. The site compares two girls and asks users to pick the one who's better looking. Because of Facemash, Zuckerberg catch the attention of Wincklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler both played by Armie Hammer. They hired Zuckerberg for their social network project HarvardConnection. This idea was then expounded by Zuckerberg for his own social network, TheFacebook. He then talked to his best friend Eduardo Saverin (played by Andrew Garfield) who agreed to be the CFO of the TheFacebook.

The movie is full of flashbacks but are totally interesting. Justin Timberlake is also part of the story as Napster's Sean Parker. I'm looking at his character as a villain specially that his playing a vital role in breaking Zuckerberg and Saverin's friendship. 

Well then, I leave you all the credits to catch the movie and see for yourself if this is a great one. But as for me, I like how the movie makers decided to put the judgment to the movie goers whether Zuckerberg is such as an a-hole or what. 

Catch The Social Network starting October 27 in major cinemas nationwide. Here's the trailer:
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