Survivor Philippines: Karen delos Reyes, the Taray Queen, is Out!

Her bitchiness in the first few episodes of Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown gains her both her supporters and critics. Fans are raving about her bratty character which is obviously adding more colors to the game. 

Somehow, I feel like Karen, in this season, is not her real self. It's like she was told in the beginning by some staff of the show to act like a bitch in the game. I don't know if you do feel the same but looking at her in her exit interview when she was ousted, she's no longer the bitchy Karen during her interviews in the first few episodes of the show.

Anyway, Karen delos Reyes joins Doc Ferdz, Myka and Buwi on the list of this season's castaway who didn't make it to the game. 

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