Mo Twister vs Ogie Diaz on Twitter

It seems another twitter clash between DJ Mo Twister and Ogie Diaz in the said Mo Twister-Ogie Twitter war. The war first broke out last February this year when Ogie Diaz blogged about a TV host. Although Ogie keep it as a blind item, were people lead to speculate talking about Mo Twister.

Last June 7, Mo Twister posted a tweet directed at Ogie after receiving a message from another user who, according to the former, told him to “not argue” with the Kapamilya columnist/TV host.

someone tweeted me saying don't argue with @ogiediaz because @ogiediaz is @ogiediaz. (laughing while swallowing a bit of my own vomit)

and my dog is my dog, who licks his own testicles for satisfaction and hygiene. What is the relevance? Nothing. Rather, a nobody,” Mo posted via @djmotwister.

Meanwhile, a number of Ogie’s curious followers saw the abovementioned post and immediately asked him.

One user asked, “bkit ka tinatawanan ni djmo?” to which Diaz replied, “at least, napapawi nya ang lungkot nya dahil sa akin.”

While another asked him why Mo can’t “…MOVE ON si DJMO syo kuya ogs?” Diaz playfully replied, “eh, baka nakikita nya sa akin si Rhian. #Chos,” referring to Mo's supposed ex-girlfriend Rhian Ramos.

A third user tweeted him, “bkit laging ikaw ang pinapatamaan nla CF, DM, sa kabila?.grabe nman cla?,” presumably referring to Cristy Fermin (CF), DJ Mo (DM) and their TV5 (sa kabila) shows “Juicy Express” and “Paparazzi” where the two controversial personalities share hosting duties.

After that, a series of Twitter rants ensued between two, beginning with Mo tweeting a blind item on Feb. 17 that talked about an "annoying reporter" who supposedly asked an "engliserong radio/tv host" for help to talk to a senator to ask for a huge sum of money. Mo ended his blind item with the line, "OH GEE, what a revelation!

The two traded Twitter swipes until the following day, with Ogie at one point even tweeting, “Ndi nakakaguwapo ang panlalaglag. Lalong ndi rin ito nakakapagpatangkad."

With Mo tweeting about Ogie anew, who knows how much longer the issue between the two would brew.

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