Be Derek’s Next Anna

We all witnessed how this young lad passionately sang his heart out just to make his first move to the girl named Anna. That video is so viral in YouTube as we all related to the boy's feelings. Now, Anna made a response via a YouTube video as well. Here's how she took Derek's move:

I can relate as well to everyone who are commenting on Anna's YouTube video. I know she's rude and all that, and that Derek deserves to be with a girl who'll appreciate his own creativity and of course, as a person. So, since we're all supporting Derek on this initiative, let's help him find his new 'Anna.'

Here's the thing. We're all Derek's fans, right? So is PLDT myDSL, the company that proves everyone that the strongest connections are at home. Through their TV commercials, we experienced how supportive Derek's parents are to his moves to Anna; how they patiently watched their boy's video every now and then just to make it to the most watched videos in YouTube. Now, they're backing this search for the new 'Anna' to help Derek recover. So, are you one of us?

If you are or you know a girl aged 12-16 who really like Derek, then head on to the official website of this Be Derek's New Anna search and upload your video. Show how much you love (or like) Derek.  Who knows? You could be the next Anna and who'll appear on the next PLDT myDSL commercial and take home a new Samsung Ultrabook!

And in case you’d like to see Derek’s video one more time, see video below:

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