Jump start weekend mornings with TV5 Kids

Wake up to fun and lovely weekend mornings as TV5 Kids treats youngsters with exciting cartoons they will surely enjoy.

Start with TV5 Kids presents Disney shows beginning with Handy Manny every Saturday at 6:00AM and Sunday at 7:00AM. Meanwhile, join Disney’s alternative rock band-for-kids members Rich, Scott, Dave and Smitty on Imagination Movers, Saturdays at 6:30AM and Sundays 7:30AM. Play along with Mickey Mouse and his friends Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto and help them solve problems on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every Saturday at 7:00AM.

Kids and kids-at-heart will also enjoy watching well-loved show Batibot, which remains the most trusted name in Early Childhood Care and Development in Philippine television. For years, Batibot continues to prove that learning is fun. Catch Ate Maya and Kuya Fidel along with Manang Bola, Kapitan Basa, Koko Kwik-kwak, Ning-ning and Ging-ging every Saturday at 7:30AM.

The fun and adventure continues with TV5 Kids presents Cartoon Network shows. Don’t miss the Powerpuff Girls: Hyper Blossom, Rolling Bubbles and Powered Buttercup as they save the world on Powerpuff Girls Z every Saturday at 8:00AM. Get ready for a whole new animated action science fiction TV series Sym-bionic Titans featuring the adventures of three aliens from the planet Galaluna who crash-land on Earth airing Saturdays at 8:30AM and Sundays at 9:30AM. Meanwhile, follow the misadventures of 12-year old blue cat Gumball on The Amazing World of Gumball every Sunday morning at 8:00AM. Be captivated with the all-famous “Oohh, Mama” as everybody’s favorite beefcake Johnny Bravo airs every Sunday at 8:30AM. Tag along with Finn and his best friend Jake the dog as they take on a journey in the Land of Ooo on Adventure Time, Sundays at 9:00AM and join Ben as he explores a secret underground alien city with his partner Rook on Ben 10 Omniverse which also airs on Sundays at 10:00AM.

Watch TV5 Kids every morning to catch the kid-and-parent-approved fun and adventure! Don’t miss these exciting kids’ programs only on TV5.
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