Promoting a healthy lifestyle through the Medicard-Metafit fitnessBootcamp

Medicard Phils and celebrity fitness coach Jim Saret's Metafit (Metabolic Fitness) program bring back the Medicard-Metafit fitness Boot camp for the second season beginning June 10-July 5 2013. Last June 8, 2013, Medicard invited bloggers to try the MediCard-Metafit Fitness Bootcamp at the Medicard Lifestyle center in Makati. Bloggers were invited to participate and experience the exercises.

Medicard and Metafit's collaboration of promoting a healthy and fitter lifestyle among Filipinos sets itself apart from other fitness programs because it is one of the most comprehensive and effective fitness program around. It prides itself for being one of the safest because of its affiliation with the country's leading healthcare provider. They offer a program that is very engaging and never boring because it involves a lot of participation and commitment.

Coaches for Metafit were invited to help the bloggers on their introductory session. Hardcore coaches Kenneth Benton and Irene Grafil demonstrated how the exercises were done properly while Pinoy Big Loser winners, Raffy Tan and Hazel Chua assisted the bloggers in motivating them all through out the activity.

MetaFit is a four-minute exercise routine that enables one to burn up to 600 calories in just a few minutes of exercise. It promotes higher metabolism and energy, stronger bones and lower blood sugar. It consists of fast, short and intense bursts of anaerobic exercises. The program is scientifically proven to help the body release somatotropin or growth hormones that counter somatopause (weight gain and metabolism slowdown stage) and the effects of aging. In order to get the maximum result of the workout/program, one must always "challenge' or "push" oneself. Also, doing it fast or adding intensity (by doing more repetitions/sets/round) would also help.

To start the Metafit bootcamp, everyone were asked to do some stretching. It is advisable to do some stretching first to condition the muscles in the body for the rigorous activity and to avoid too much strain. Four basic exercises are introduced for starters. First off in the cycle were 10 jumping jacks followed by 10 squats, then 10 push ups and 10 lunges for each foot. The coaches encouraged everyone to do as many repetitions of the cycle within four minutes. The coaches were right behind each participant to make sure that each are doing the exercises the right way in order to prevent injuries.

They also introduced the Tabata workout, where they gave 3 sets of exercises, each done in 20 secs and within an interval of 10 secs rest. Each sets targets different body part. For the first set: squats and push-ups which targets the arms and legs; second set: mountain climbers and hip lifts for the abdominal muscles; and for the last set: reach for the sky and Russian twist to concentrate the core area. 

It was fun and a bit sweaty activity for everyone. After the exercises, we were greeted by healthy snacks, courtesy of Sugarleaf. Different rolls and sandwiches with healthy fillings and fresh juices were served to replenish all the energy burned from the exercises. 

Medicard Phils. believes that quality healthcare is all about taking preventive measures by being fit and healthy, that is why they made this collaboration with Metafit possible. To know more about Metafit, you can visit theMediCard Lifestyle Center along Paseo de Roxas cor Sen. Gil Puyat, Makati.
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