Juenevie: First in Anti-Aging Facial Home Therapies

Now is the ERA where people are more conscious with their physical well being, be it a man or woman. Taking care of one's physical well being is now a prelude to a more confident self esteem. These days, there are plenty of ways on how one can retain their youthful glow. The conditions of our environment as well as the evolution of technology and one's lifestyle can greatly affect our body which catalyzes the physical aging process.

The Health and Wellness market has boomed as products and treatments are constantly spurting from side to side to cater the need of a person to look and feel young.

Juenevie Forever Young brings the most powerful, age-defying, wrinkle reducing skincare technologies that guarantee young-looking skin that will bring your skin to youthful, effortless glow in your own home, without the need to travel. Last July 11, Juenevie invited the media for lunch at Tivoli, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, to witness this innovation Juenevie has to offer.

The skincare technology Juenevie has brought in the country treats periorbital fine lines and wrinkles (wrinkles around the eyes) and brings the complete facial rejuvination. Juenevie Forever Young isn't your usual facial and body care therapies. It does not encourage surgery to look young, but rather enhance the body's own ability to build collagen and keep the skin supple.

Juenevie offers two focal treatments: Juenevie Light Facial Theraphy and Juenevie Laser Facial Therapy. The machines that they use are FDA-cleared by USA and are endorsed by group of well recognized dermatologists who are at the forefront of cosmetic laser treatments. Moreover, the Juenevie Light Therapy skin equipment used is a Premium Medical Device that is four times stronger than competitor's products and the top of the line in the brand's product range. It is not only the innovative skincare tools that Juenevie has brought in the country, but Juenevie therapists have been trained for half a year prior to our opening this month in ESPA facial techniques. ESPA is known to train spa teams to the highest standards around the world and, with the professional-quality skin care tools, Juenevie delivers these award-winning technologies, with exceptional facial treatment sequences, to provide you an effective anti-aging skin care therapy.

In addition, the Juenevie Facial Therapies techniques do not rely on science alone, but also include spiritual well being. Our sequences first start with a Chakra Welcome ritual and combined with the Juenevie Lifting facial technique, a special wand containing various crystals is used to heal and eliminate negative energies and encourage the inflow of universal goodness and life. It is a complete package of spa and relaxation.

Beyond Anti-aging Facial treatments, Juenevie has also has a range of massages to complement the thrust of Juenevie and provide you with exceptional relaxation therapies. Two of their best selling massages, the Signature 10 Culture Touch well-being Massage which has 10 massage techniques from 10 different massages to give you a blissful state of mental and spiritual relaxation; and the Juenevie Aromatherapy Massage gives you a choice of 20 essential oils to choose from. Juenevie Forever Young also blends an exclusive line of its own massage oils for you to choose from for your treatment, these oils are organic and
are made of strict quality and purity.

Juenevie has also created packages such as teh Ultimate Anti-Aging Therapy (a combination of Light and Laser Facial Therapy), Romance Bliss package for Two, Pre-Cocktail Therapy and After Cocktail Therapy as well as a range of Men's therapies such as the Juenevie After Sport, Juenevie After Office, Juenevie After Travel and the Men's Anti-Aging Facial Therapy. They use AHAVA products which are marine-based and free of paraben.

Juenevie Forever Young may indeed be the next big thing that may have happened to Manila and those who love to be pampered -- as they offer these therapies from Tuesday to Sunday from 4:00PM - 2:00AM with the last call time at 11:00PM in Makati and Taguig area. They are on their way to expand to the rest of Metro Manila soon.

For inquiries, you may reach them at:
Call them : 09276876903

Call them and inquire about creating a Special Anti-Aging Facial program for you. All readers will be given 10% discount once you mention that you read about them here at ATBP.

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