Movie Review: Turbo 3D

20th Century Fox and Warner Bros held a press screening for the movie Turbo 3D last July 13, 2013 at Glorietta 4 Cinemas.

Turbo 3D is a high-velocity 3D comedy about an ordinary snail who dares to dream big - and fast. After a freak accident that miraculously gives him the power of super-speed, Turbo kicks his dreaming into overdrive and embarks on an extra ordinary journey to achieve the seemingly impossible: racing against fame driver Guy Gagne. With the help of Turbo's tricked-out streetwise snail crew, this ultimate underdog put his heart and shell on the line to prove that no dream is too big, and no dreamer is too small.

The movie was a heartfelt inspiring movie that depicts how hard work and perseverance, connected to a dream would make a difference. The quote "No dream is too big, and no dreamer is too small" sure uplifts the emotion of every dreamer in us. Aside from this values, the movie shows how cooperation and faith from others have helped Tito and his crew reached and attained their dreams.

Turbo 3D will be shown on July 19 in all cinemas worldwide.

The BUZZ about this movie: A snail who was able to beat a race car driver champion, that sure is buzzworthy enough to watch the movie.

Go watch this movie with your kids and the dreamers out there who needs a boost of encouragement.
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