Review: Don't Cry Mommy

Based on a true story, Don't Cry Mommy is about a teenage girl Eun-ha whose first crush Jo-han turns into a gang-rape nightmare that triggers her suicide, prompting her grieving mother Yoo-rim to take vengeance into her own hands.

The movie illicit mixed reactions for high level of violence, almost literally depicting the phrase “women are weak, but mothers are strong”. It clearly pictures the shortcomings of the judicial system in Korea regarding minor offenders. The state protects the minor which lessens the gravity of the punishment to juvy detainment. Because of that, the rape cases which the minor is the offender have been rampant and had been left unsolved. Victims are left grieving and dealing with the trauma of the crime.

It's depressing but that is what's really happening in Korea. More minors are having the guts to commit crimes such as this because they are aware that they would get minimal punishment. A lot of crimes, especially rape case whereas the victim and perpetrator is a minor had been recorded.

“Don’t Cry Mommy” is a hard hitting movie that puts you in the position as the victim and victim’s mother without a nice, clean ending. It packs a powerful social message for its viewers. Director Kim Yong-han said he wanted to raise awareness about sex crimes by charting "the tragic course of the lives of victims and their families as vividly as possible.

The emotion being portrayed is there, it's just that it's not that appealing to viewers. How the movie was made was simple, to the borderline of being boring. A lot of crying and emotions flying everywhere within the movie coupled with a sappy soundtrack. A tearjerker movie, yes. But after the movie, there was no resolution or even retribution. It ended as everyone being dead.

It does not have a happy ending. A feeling of emptiness can be felt after watching the movie.

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