Silk Road: Experience Thai food like no other

Thai food is known for its balance of three to four fundamental taste senses in each dish: sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. It is known for profusion of exotic flavors and fragrances that makes it among the most coveted of international cuisines.

Cecille Chang, known as "Chef in Stilletos", has been always passionate with cooking, specially Thai cuisine. A member of Thai Chef Association and a successful entrepreneur (she opened some of the known Thai restaurants in the Metro like Thai at Silk, Thaipan, Simply Thai and Thai Bistro), Cecille Chang definitely is the Thai Food Queen.

She recently opened her "new baby", Silk Road, at the posh Bonifacio Global City which gives them access to the wonderful flavors of Thai cuisine.

Silk Road boasts its innovative and finely crafted Thai cuisine and the latest trends in Thai dining. Elegantly designed with plush seats and decor that spells "upmarket", Silk Road is definitely a best place to bring your date or special someone because of its intimate and romantic feel.

Here's a peek of what Silk Road has in store for its enthusiastic diners..

For starters:

Soi Langsuan Salad
Soi Langsuan Salad is their version of the known Thai Green Mango Salad. The salad consists of seared salmon flaked on green mango, apple and heart of palm topped with coco lime garlic sauce. The salad is served spicy, like some Thai food, but you can opt for the milder version if spicy food is not your thing.

Siam Roti
Siam Roti is their version of Maida Paratha. You can choose the buttered or herbed roti. The Roti is served with two sauces, curry and salsa.

Thai Spring Rolls
Thai Spring Rolls, or known as Poh Pia Tod, is one of the Top 10 Thai food favorite. The spring rolls is brimming with vegetables and bursts with lots of flavor, served crispy and best paired With sweet chili sauce.

Thai Ravioli 
Thai Ravioli is freshly made steamed rice paper stuffed with sesame beef and shitake mushroom. This yummy dish will certainly fill you up in no time.

Son-in-law Eggs
Son-in-law Eggs are little deep-fried, savoury egg dish is traditionally cooked by Thai mothers for their soon-to-be son-in-laws as a warning that if they decide to get a little promiscuous with their beloved daughters, their precious gems will end up boiled, deep-fried and served with sweet sauce.

Moving forward to the Main Meals, here's some of the dishes that you surely wouldn't want to miss at Silk Road:

Hormok or Thai Curried Fish Custard is steamed fish fillet in curry mousse. Typically steamed in intricately folded banana leaves, this dish is a sure hit for curry lovers.

Kha is made of fish fillet tossed in caramelized ginger ginger chili sauce. This a good dish for people who doesn't want to eat curry but in need of a filling dish.

Siamese Pork Rib
Siamese Pork Ribs is grilled cinnamon caramel pork ribs served on a unique charcoal pot. The dish tastes delish for its fresh smoked flavor.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai is also one of the Top 10 Thai food favorite that one must try. It is made with rice noodles, pork, shrimps, egg and bean sprouts. Their version of Pad Thai has a neutral taste which some might find lacking, but they serve it with the 4 flavors of Thailand (sweet, sour, spicy and salty). You can adjust the flavor that will best suit your taste buds.

Lamb shank Massaman
Lamb shank Massaman is a lamb dish that was slowly cooked for 8 hours served with massaman curry sauce, crispy noodles, sweet potato chips and shallots. The dish itself is very filling but you can order a cup of rice to go with the dish. Silk Road only serves authentic Jasmin rice imported from Thailand which goes well with their savory dishes.

And who would not miss desserts, Silk Road offers a wide variety of Thai desserts

Silk Nest
Silk Nest is a crowd favorite at Silk Road. It is made of crispy slivers of taro and sweet potato with coconut ice cream. Silk road makes their own ice cream, and had a variety of flavors to choose from.

Silk Road Dessert Sampler
If you want a taste of their desserts, you might want to order the Silk Road Dessert Sampler. It has a little bit of everything, Sticky Rice with Mango, Home Made Ice Cream (Durian, Mango and Coconut), Takhoo Thai and Strawberry Sago. 

Thai Green Mango Shake

Another thing that will make you come back to Silk Road is their impressive wine and drinks selection. Their extensive drinks menu will speak for itself. They offer wine pairing with every dish they have in the menu.

Silk Road offers excellent Thai cuisine, extensive drinks selection that will best complement your ordered dish in a chic and luxurious atmosphere. Why not head over to experience it for yourself?

Silk Road
4th Ave. corner 31st street.
Fort Bonifacio, Global City.
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