Review: Horror Stories 2

"Horror Stories 2" is a Korean Horror Movie which is somewhat similar to our "Shake Rattle and Roll" Horror Movie. It has three stories which tell tales of horror and terror.

The movie starts with a video of Mr. Park being killed by a lady shadow captured by the CCTV camera. Awakening and thinking it was all a dream, he went out and found Se-young. Se-young is their employee who has an extraordinary ability to communicate with dead people. Mr. Park decided to test this ability by uncovering three doubtful cases. Thus prompting the three stories to unfold.

The Cliff was the first of the three. It is a story of two friends who met at unexpected accident falling from a cliff while hiking in the mountains. Luckily, there was a protruding rock which saved them from the fall, but rescue was nowhere to be seen as they are hidden at the cliff. Days have passed, hunger and cold stricken, their friendship was put to test because of one chocolate candy bar. One died and the other is haunted with guilt which made things worse. The story was simple but terrifying.

The Pain of Death is the second story. It is a story of three friends who failed their teacher certification examination. To cheer themselves up, the friends set out on a road trip into the mountains. But they get into an accident and their car breaks down. Despite their injuries, they decide to walk toward a dim light coming from a mountain. The story came out eerie at first, then you seemed to get lost with them on what their story really is. you will only realize what the story was up until the very end.

The last story is Escape which is a story of a trainee teacher who was hopeful to get things right on the first day of school. But He ended up humiliated by his students. Depressed and wanting to disappear, he met a student who is obsessed with black magic. The girl offered a way out of his humiliation through black magic. He finds himself locked in the doorway to hell. Escape had more of the comedy-horror touch. He was funny, the girl is creepily funny as well, the story was absurd.

Overall, the movie was frightening enough. It was fun and at the same time creepy. Asian Horror has always been great in injecting horror to the audience in terms of cinematography. Though this may not be the best Asian horror film, the movie will surely amuse you.

One thing that bothered me after the film was "What was the CCTV clip about?" It was at the start of the movie which clearly shows Mr. Park being killed by some shadow which resembled to Se-young. But at the end of the movie, Mr. Park's death was described differently.

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