Vmoney: A new way to handle your money and cash transactions

Let me introduce to you VMoney. I was lucky to be invited in a special sit down session to introduce a new way to make payments and handle your money.

VMoney was designed to provide customers with instant access to their funds anytime, anywhere safely in just a pinch of your wallet. The VMoney team envisioned an up-to-date way to make cash/money transactions easy and conveniently cool.

VMoney has a clear vision of how technology should be used. They continue to build on the ideas and partner with businesses and government agencies to bring all payment channels under one place, or should I say, on one account, your VMoney account.

It's easy to have a VMoney account, all you have to do is just sign up on their website! Follow the instructions to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you need to verify your account by uploading a copy of a valid government ID.

Why do you need to be verified?

Of course, for financial transactions, authentication is a guarantee that transactions are safe and secure. Also, once you get verified, you can request for a Mastercard, which makes your VMoney account more amazing.

The Prepaid Mastercard acts like a prepaid credit card that can be used for online and retail transactions. This makes Online Shopping Divas rejoice. Not only that, you can use the card at any Bacnet, Megalink and Expressnet ATMs or anywhere that accepts Mastercard and withdraw cash.

Most people are having a hard time getting approved for a credit card due to bank restrictions and requirements. But with Vmoney, you can have both an Debit and Credit Card in one. It's hassle free because you have control over your money.

Let me break down the Advantages of Having and Using Vmoney.

- You can send and receive points instantly. VMoney points are as good as cash and transferred real time.
- You can use your points to pay for your bills and even prepaid load.
- It can be used both as an Debit Card and a Credit Card. Most terminals recognize the card so there won't be any hassle. which also means, there's no need to carry a lot of cash.
- Online shopping? Definitely!
- Their fees are flat rate, it may seem not much if it is a small transaction but for larger amounts of transactions, a lot can be saved.

The convenience of having a place to store money like an ATM card, and having a prepaid Credit Card without the trouble of requirements and credentials, all these are integrated to Vmoney.

Along with the Prepaid Mastercard, You will also receive the Priviledge Card. I'm still not sure how the card differs from the prepaid Mastercard. But one cool thing about it is that Privilege cards are available with EMV (Chip & PIN), NFC (Tap and Go with PIN) and Magstripe (Swipe).

I think businesses will benefit more using the Priviledge card, especially the EVM, NFC and Magstripe. It would help businesses reach out to more customers and simply for convenience. This complements the Tap and Pay system, customers and businesses will have an easy way to make transactions.

We were also told that we could try the RFID bracelet, sticker or keychain so we could utilize the technology anywhere, even when we are at the beach.  This news really got me PRETTY excited. How cool are these things?

Since Vmoney just started a few months back, they are still in the process of discussing these great items and getting more retail locations to be aquainted with it.

I wish a lot of stores would have these technology. It's very convenient for us consumers. No more danger in carrying too much cash on hand. No more waiting in lines at the bank or even at the ATMs.

I'll be keeping an eye on businesses who would use these technologies of Vmoney. By next year, hopefully a lot of businesses will adapt and consumers like me would be very happy!

Get a Vmoney account now! Sign up on their website
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