Bone and Barrel Bistro: A Haven for Meat-lover Foodies

Where will you bring you friends after work?

If you are in Eastwood, why don't you try Bone and Barrel Bistro? Bone and Barrel Bistro's cowboy inspired dishes will surely awaken your inner carnivore with its aroma of flavors and guilty pleasures, A Steak and Shank Redemption indeed!

Bone and Barrel Bistro is the brainchild of restauranteur Raymond Magdaluyo and is a sister company of Blackbeard's Seafood Island, the group that created and brought the original Boodle Feasts.

Bone and Barrel Bistro will not disappoint your meat cravings. They have your all-time meat favorites like tapas, steaks and bulalos. Mignon Skewers, Sirloin Tapa, Home made Corned Beef Steak, Roasted Barrel, Fillet Mignon Skewers, Manolo's Bulalo a la Pobre and their must-try Bulalo Redemption.

Balut Sisig
Mignon Skewers

If that is not enough to make you salivate, they also serve shakes, cocktails, hard drink mixes and flavored beer. Bone and Barrel features 10 house flavored beers which includes Raspberry Beer, Pomegranate Beer, Green Apple Beer, Strawberry Beer, Kiwi Beer, Watermelon Beer, Cucumber Beer and their best sellers: Salted Caramel Beer, Edel Flower (Gumamela) Beer and Wild Berry Beer.

For the ladies, They offer a selection of mixed drinks like Hennessy Citrus which is a mix of Hennessy VS and Cola.

Bone and Barrel Bistro have that modern cowboy vibe with its dark wood interiors and modern house music with a twist of country music. It is the best hang out place to glutton on good food, drink your heart out and have a good chat with friends.

Good Stuff

Monday work blues are unavoidable. Good thing, Bone and Barrel let's you sample their house flavored beers for half the price! Today, you can get your second glass of flavored beer half the price!

If two glasses of flavored beer is not enough for the big boys, then try ALL their flavored beers. Make it a challenge for the whole gang.

So after punching out of work, drag all the boys and have a meat and beer match while forgetting all the work-related stress this day at Bone and Barrel Bistro!

Bone and Barrel Bistro
G/F Citywalk 2, Eastwood City

Bagumbayan, Quezon City
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