I Wish They taught Money in High School : A Book Review

It had been on everyone's wishlist/goal to have financial freedom. Everyone wants to have more, if not enough, MONEY to go through their life everyday. It had always been a struggle for everyone to manage their money.

It's a good thing that a lot of successful people have been sharing their tips and techniques on how they are able to manage their money and finances. There's Robert Kiyosaki who had been constantly sharing his stories on financial success and the likes.

Ms. Sharon Que and Ms. Clarissa Seriña-Dele Paz has written a book that will help one manage their money and how one could make money work for you. They had shared and written it in a manner that it is easy to understand and everyone can relate.

I Wish They Taught Money in High School...
... So I can start my own business right away

Recently, peopl now are aware that in order to be rich, financially free and independent, one must open and manage their own business. But as we all know, not everyone is born with a million dollar business idea or even the resources to start one. Ms. Que had shared her life experience, on how at a very young age, they were brought up to learn and appreciate to make money work for them. 

You may say that She's lucky because her dad already had a business. On her book, she stressed that everyone can start their own business given the right motivation and mindset. The good thing about the book is that She gave concrete examples on how to start your own real estate business even though you're not a broker yet. 

I Wish They Taught Money in High School...
... So I'm not dependent on my paycheck

A lot of us fall into the category of employed, wherein we get our finances through the services we rendered. Personally, I have seen the path of how employees would end up, I grew up seeing how my father stretched his paycheck to sustain a family of 6, and I didn't like it. My father grew up working and got old still working. He was just lucky that He was in a good company which compensated him generously when he retired and started his own small business.
Me, being employed as well had to go through that same difficulty. Making all ends meet, waiting every payday for money to arrive, hoping to have extra to have nice stuff, which usually leaves me disappointed.

Ms. Seriña-Dele Paz had shared in her book how she was able to stretch her paycheck and transitioned to make her money work for her. It was an eye opener for me. After reading the book, I had my calculator out and excited to start crunching numbers on how I could start being financially free.

Last Note

I really wish they taught Money in High School. Why? Because it's best to learn how to manage one's finances at an early age. I believe that the youth have more potential when it comes to fresh ideas. The youth are more curious and hungry for knowledge, wouldn't it be nice if they could continuously come up with brilliant ways to make MONEY work for them?

I am fully aware that if you follow their pointers and tips in the book, you'll be able to start on the journey to financial freedom. It is a start, but it would take years of discipline to fully enjoy the benefits of it. So, why don't you start by buying the book and reading it?

Don't be discouraged if it gets harder and harder every single day, just keep in mind that all these hard work will result in something great and it will not be financially hard for you anymore. You may be able to live the rest of your life living comfortably! (That's how I motivate myself, keeping my eye on the prize)

I Wish They Taught Money in High School is currently available at Fully Booked branches in Alabang, BGC, Rockwell, Greenbelt, Katipunan and Gateway, and Merriam Bookstores in Binondo and Pasay Road. The book will soon be available at National Bookstore and Powerbooks.

It's time to start living financially free and independent!

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