Kimukatsu: a must-try Katsu Place at the new Shangrila Plaza Mall wing

As the rise of "need" for authentic Japanese cuisine, a lot of popular chains from Japan had opened its doors here in the Metro. Kimikatsu is one of them.

Kimukatsu is a pork cutlet restaurant in Japan that offers a unique and authentic Katsu experience. With a lot of branches in Japan and also in the US, Kimikatsu is sure known worldwide.

They opened their first branch in the new wing of Shangrila Plaza last December 2013. With the "katsu craze" still on the rise, Kimukatsu have been eyeing to open more branches across the Metro to cater more hungry foodies. Their second branch will open in Century Plaza Mall, the new hip place in Makati Ave.

What makes their Tonkatsu special?

Kimukatsu's Tonkatsu is made of 25 layers of pork cutlet, precisely cut and bundled inside the crispy batter. Why 25 layers? It is designed to make it easier to bite while savoring all the natural juices from the fried tonkatsu.

They offer 8 flavors of Tonkatsu namely: Plain, Garlic, Black pepper, Cheese, Negi Shio (Marinated Spring Onion), Yuzu Kosho (yuzu fruits and green chili pepper which makes it spicy) and Ume Shiso (Japanese Sour Plum and Shiso Leaf ).

Kimukatsu Tonkatsu is offered set with unlimited rice, cabbage, miso soup and japanese pickles. The rice is made as soon as you order. One can choose or even try both the red and white miso soup.

The red miso soup has the prominent miso taste while the white miso soup had a subtle but sweet taste. Considering those, the Tonkatsu set seemed to be affordable for heavy katsu fans.

They also have platters in which you can choose to try 3,4,5,6 or even all the Tonkatsu flavors with your family and friends.

Aside from their Tonkatsu, there are also several outstanding dishes in their menu.

Negi Shio Tofu
Negi Shio Tofu is a perfect chioce for appetizer for it's silky and smooth, just like how Japanese tofu should be.
Ebi Mayo
Ebi Mayo is an interesting dish. It is shrimp in a unique mayo dressing which is savoringly good.

They also have Japanese Pickles and Kimchi Pickles and a lot more appetizers that you can choose from.

Kimukatsu also offers Japanese Desserts which perfectly caps a good meal. They offer home made Japanese ice cream. We had the Black Sesame Ice cream and Matcha Parfait.

The Matcha Parfait is Matcha Ice cream with Mochi, Chestnut and Red Bean. Their version of Matcha Ice cream is different for it tasted more matcha than cream. You can distinctly discern the matcha.

Japanese Panna Cotta is presented quite different than the normal pana cotta. It is curdy and soft which makes its flavor more delicious.

Kurogoma Pudding is also made of Black Sesame. The pudding has more prominent Black Sesame taste as compared to its Ice Cream counterpart.

Overall,  Kimikatsu is a tastefully designed Tonkatsu restaurant that will surely make your katsu adventure triumphant. One will surely go back to try all those interesting flavors.

Level 5 Shangri-la Plaza East Wing Shaw Boulevard cor. EDSA Mandalyoung City
Contact no: +63(02)7270333
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