Review: The Lego Movie

Who doesn't recognize those bricks and colored things called Lego? Even for me, those Lego bricks always brings us back to our childhood days, playing those toys and trying hard to compose something cool out of those blocks.

What are the things that make the "Lego Movie" Awesome?  Let me list down five for starters:

- Superheroes and all Legendary Characters all come together as awesome Lego figures. Batman? Superman? Gandalf? Dumbledore? Ninja Turtles? Shaquiel O Niel? All check! And there's a lot more.

- Amazing animation that brings the Lego blocks into life. The cinematography of the film was sick! Moving Lego characters, that was our childhood playtime story right up on the big screen.

- Amazing and Catchy Sountrack. Who did not sing along with Tenga and Sarah's "Everything is Awesome" song? I had it on LSS the whole week, specifically every morning when I feel my day would be a drag. The song is an intant mood upper!

- All of us are the same as Emmet. We live in our own lives, following rules, minding our own businesses and busy getting along with the whole world.  Latter do we realize that each and everyone of us is Special in our own little way. We all had it in us, to some it may sound dumb, foolish and even crazy but you'll never know how it would help another person's life in the most unexpected ways.

- Lastly, I guess the main bottom line of the story was Lego are meant to be enjoyed and played, same goes with other toys. We may get obsessed acquiring every collector's item and displaying it with pride in cases, leaving them untouched. But in a child's point of view, They are toys that are made to be played and enjoyed.

Catch the Lego Movie is still available in major cinemas. Make sure to watch it with your little ones to make it more AWESOME!

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