Eat and Hang-out at Uncle Cheffy Venice Piazza

Who's Uncle Cheffy?

Uncle Cheffy is well-known for it's brick oven panizza which a lot of foodies rave and had been a favorite.

We were invited to have a taste and experience what Uncle Cheffy has to offer. Mr. Larry, the owner graciously introduced us to their lovely branch in Venice Piazza accompanied with his team.

Uncle Cheffy is under Chef Quarter's group of companies along with Kuse, Larry and Mau, and Old Vine Grille. Meeting them was such a joy because they shared with us their humble beginnings which lead to the massive success of their chain of restaurant.

WARNING: A lot of food photos ahead.

I was excited to try Uncle Cheffy's famous Panizza. It was pegged to be the best pannizza in town by most of the foodie community. It was my first time at Uncle Cheffy and inner foodie in me was quite giddy.

Let me walk you through what we had that dinner:

For starters, we had three types of salad (namely Lovely Jenny Salad, Grilled Prawns and Pomelo, Uncle Cheffy Salad and the Tom Yang Gang Soup.
Seafood Tom Yang Gang (Php410.00)

The Tom Yang Gang Soup is their version of Tom Yum Goong Soup. It is a hot and sour soup which tastes quite similar with our favorite Sinigang. The serving was big enough for 3-4 people.
Lovely Jenny Salad (Php230)

Lovely Jenny Salad is a salad named after Sir Larry's wife, Jenny. (We actually met her that night). The salad was made with green apples, aragula, and marinated salmon in creamy french dressing.
Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad (Php495)

The Grilled Shrimp and Pomelo Salad has roasted sesame vinaigrette. It has a weird taste combination. Shrimp taste with a bit of cream because of the sesame vinigariette and bitter aftertaste because of the pomelo.
Uncle Cheffy Salad (Php395.00)

The Uncle Cheffy Salad consists of crisp pork belly, asparagus, potato and mesclun in dijonaise dressing. I liked this salad most because it is somewhat like a complete filling meal (with the meat and vegetables).

Let's move to their Famous Panizza. They let us try 3 of their Famous Panizza, East Meet's West, Uncle Cheffy Favorites and All Meat Barbecued.

East Meets West Php495

The East Meets west Panizza consists of parmaham, salami, kesong puti, salted egg, tomatoes, mango and three cheese. The combination of ingredients is interesting. It has a sweet, salty and savory taste combination.Though I still have mixed feeling about it whether it is a good thing or not.
Uncle Cheffy Favorites Php395

The Uncle Cheffy Favorite Panizza consists of oven dried tomatoes, mushroom garlic, anchovy, chili flakes basil and three cheese. Some may find this plain and lacking, I liked it because I love anchovies and mushroom in pizza so I find these good.
All Meat Barbecued Php450

The All Mest Barbecued Panizza consists of beef teriyaki,pork, chicken bbq, onion chiliflakes, basil and three cheese. This is definitely a winner for meat lovers for its savory meaty taste.

All Panizza comes with salad greens, alfalfa sprouts and tomato salsa.

As for the Main dishes, All the items in their Best Seller menu are a champion. As far as my knowledge goes, I think Uncle Cheffy serves the affordable priced Back Ribs and Lechon. All the meat dishes are best paired with beer, wine and cocktails, which are also available as per request. Note that they have a nice selection of wines handpicked by Sir Larry himself.

Memphis BBQ U.S. Beef Back Ribs (Php350-500grams / Php695- 1,000grams)

Their Memphis BBQ Ribs are okay. It may not be the most outstanding ribs I tasted, but their ribs are decent enough to easily fill up one's stomach. A big plus was it was so affordable.

New England Pot Roast Beef Php495.00

The beef were nice and tender. Its best with a helping of rice or salad.

Garlic Studded Pork Belly Lechon (Php95.00 per 100grams)

This Lechon is the BOMB! We were told that they cook their lechon by weight/portion. Who doesn't want lechon? Maybe those who are on a strict diet or managing their weight and health.

They also offer Chicken and Fish dishes for people with special diet meal or eating habit.

Roasted Chicken Maurino (Php250- 500grams/ Php495- 1,000grams)

The Chicken Maurino was savory and tasted similar to a humba.It tasted great that evening but I'm controlling the portions of what I eat that night.

Cream Dory Munierre (Php295- 500grams / Php595- 1,000grams)

This dish paled as compared to other meat dishes. I like my fish cooked simple, baked or grilled, with the sauce/dressing on the side. I just took a small bite on the dory and moved on to the other stuff.

All their meat dishes certainly needed to be matched with a lot of rice, they also have plain and fried rice for sharing

Asian Fried Rice Php120.00 / Php220.00 (Sharing)

The Asian Fried Rice is savory that it can be eaten alone as a meal because of the generous helpings of flavor that can be discerned from the dish.

As for desserts, we tried the Chocolate Roulade, Chocolate Parfait and Blueberry Cheesecake. 
Chocolate Roulade Php150.00

Chocolate Parfait Php125.00

Blueberry Cheesecake Php150.00

All their desserts were good as a choice to cap one's meal. They are sweet enough to appease your craving and sweet tooth after a nice meal.

I therefore can conclude that Uncle Cheffy's strongest point would be their panizza. The prices of the dishes are directly proportional to its serving size serving because almost all their dishes are good for sharing. It's best to bring your foodie friends here.

The food was overflowing that night and I can say we had a lot of fun. We lost track of time and didn't realize that it was already past midnight. Talk about having too much fun with Good Food and Good Company at Uncle Cheffy.

Uncle Cheffy has a lot of branches nationwide and major Malls. Like them on Facebook to see which branch is near your area.

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