Bag O Shrimp: Seafood Goodness at Tuscany Hill

Bag O Shrimp prides itself with a unique dining experience. It is similar to the Dampa concept with the exception of the market scene.The store interior has a Southern California vibe which will screams shoreline, beach and summer.

Something you wouldn't miss ordering at Bag O Shrimp's  is their Seafood Specialties by the bag. It's boiled seafood in a bag with different spices that is unique and delicious.

We were able to try two bags of shrimps with corn and sausage. Bag O' Mama for their bestseller and Extra Mild since one of us has low tolerance for spicy food. I have a skin allergy in handling seafood, but that didn't stop me from eating. Good thing they provided plastic gloves and bib so that the juices would not ruin your clothes. Eating them can get a bit messy, but I didn't mind the mess.

Shrimps (P535/453g)

We also had a bag of clams and mussels. I love mussels so this was an easy favorite. The butter and garlic flavor infusion of the sauce was heavenly.

Clams/Mussels (P295/500g each)

Their seafood was savoringly good. The reason behind that is that they order their seafood daily to ensure that the ingredients are fresh catch. They make sure that the seafood is fresh because it brings out the flavors of the recipe.

Their boiled seafood lies on the spicy side so for starters, you might want to try the extra mild variations. Bag O' Mama, their best seller, is for brave spicy eaters or just Lemon Pepper for the shy ones. You might want to order a cup of rice on the side to make it a complete meal. If you are watching your weight, you can munch on the corn cobs to have your carb/fiber fix.

Other fun stuff to try would be their selection of appetizers namely:

Crab Bomb Sticks (P185)

These are green peppers stuffed with cheese and crabsticks. This has the right spicy kick that will appetize you. I actually liked this dish even though I seldom eat dynamite peppers.

Fried Asparagus (P165)

These are nice alternatives to fries. The asparagus came out crunchy and filling. It would have been a healthier option if it was baked or roasted.

Sweet Potato Fries (P115)

These are sweet potatoes, cut thinly and fried, another nice alternative to the side of fries. Again, it would have been a healthier option if it was baked or roasted.

Bag O' Shrimps served dishes that are flavorful and surprisingly healthy. Their main base, Seafood is a healthy option for non-meat eaters. If the fried fare of appetizers is baked or roasted, this would be a haven for people who has a healthy lifestyle.

the messy after-effect

Here's the damage as you can see in the picture above. Prepare to get your hands dirty. Don't forget to take home those remaining juice/sauce from the bag. I had those for take-out and froze them. I actually used them for pasta (oil-base pasta) and other dishes (chicken basil) that I need some spicy kick.

Bag O' Shrimps
Tuscany Building 5
Mckinley Hill, Taguig
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