Buddha-Bar Manila’s Cocktail Festival 2014

Buddha-Bar Manila brought the 2014 Cocktail Festival. From Paris to Manila, patrons have experienced the biggest and most stylish 4-day Cocktail Festival. Grace by international mixologist, Mathias Giroud, Buddha-Bar Manila Cocktail Festival 2014 ran from March 19-22, 2014.

The festival that travelled across the globe, the 2014 Cocktail Fest introduced the trendiest and yummiest cocktail drinks of 2014. An exclusive offering only at Buddha-Bar Manila, the renowned bar mixologist Mathias Giroud personally showed and mixed the special drinks for our Buddha-Bar Manila patrons.

Mathias Giroud, a French genius who has crafted the drinks that teased the world, has finally landed at Buddha-Bar Manila. Known as The Alchemist, Mathias Giroud has gone to every party destination across the globe, from Monaco to New York, Mexico to Sao Paulo and to Middle East, mixing and formulating cocktails that set every diner into a heavenly experience.

For 4 days, Buddha-Bar Manila celebrated Cocktail Fest 2014 as Mathias Giroud showed his skills in making the cocktail drinks in a creative and experiential way.

On March 19, guests witnessed the Buddha-Bar World Signature Cocktails where Mathias showed 3 of the signature cocktails, favourite and patronized by the party goers and diners around the world. Mathias Giroud brought the world at every guest’s taste bud to have a sip of the cocktails loved by many.

During Mathias’ March 20 Buddha-Bar Manila treat, the Cocktail Painting Limited Edition took place. Mathias introduced a new meaning of cocktails as he integrated art and prepared the special drinks like paintings. Everyone witness how Mathias redefined cocktail drinking and presents wonderful work of art.

March 21st marks the Dragon Fire Cocktails exhibition where Mathias impressed the crowd as he showed some flair tending skills, mixing truly delectable cocktails. During the Dragon Fire Cocktails, Buddha-Bar Manila diners was amazed with Mathias’ talent to not just come up with one of a kind drinks but present it in his own unique style.

As the Cocktail Festival culminate, the March 22 gathering highlights the official launch of the 2014 Cocktail list and a wrap-up of the previous nights. Mathias showcased the exclusive Buddha-Bar Manila cocktails for 2014 and everyone had a taste of The Alchemist’s genius in crafting concoctions and cocktails. On the last day, diners and guests witnessed a grand finale of the Cocktail Festival 2014, delighted and in awe, with the genius’ greatness and creativity.

The Buddha-Bar Manila Cocktail Festival 2014 brought a fun and fabulous time to Buddha-Bar Manila diners and partyphiles. A gathering of food and drink enthusiasts in a unique and memorable experience. True as it is, Mathias Giroud is a gem, creating drinks and cocktails that perfectly suit every individual. The Cocktail Festival 2014 is yet another exclusive treat for the chic and stylish Buddha-Bar Manila patrons.

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