Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The anticipated Amazing Spider-Man sequel was shown last April 30 in Philippine cinemas and a lot of people lined up with excitement, including us.

What did I think about the sequel?


Cinematography-wise, The movie was amazing. It has killer graphics, no wonder the film costs around $400+M. Let's just hope it earns more to break even their ROI. As far as the movie's feedback in the past few days, here in the Philippines, The Amazing Spider-Man has earned approximately P100M+ in its first two days of airtime, contributing that it opened on a payday and succeeding a holiday.


Story-line wise, as an average person watching the film, the movie was good. The love story between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy was (I think) the highlight of the film. Both Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have splendid chemistry which made it more effective.

Apart from that, I noticed 5 interesting things in the film, here's as follows:

- Why did Gwen Stacy died? 


I am well aware that it IS part of the story, according to the comic book but I LOVE Emma Stone. She had that strong, commanding presence on screen and her outfits in the film are all amazing. It's just sad that she'll no longer be in the succeeding Spider-Man film with Andrew Garfield.

- Why did Spider-Man have 3 villain to defeat in one single movie?


His first enemy was Electro, then the Green Goblin then towards the end there's Rhino. There's a lot of action going, but it did not seem to work quite well. I find it stuffy. I know that they wanted to add the element of introducing the Sinister Six as Spider-Man's next villains, but the way they did it seemed a bit off. That's just my opinion.

- What's with Andrew Garfield's teeth? 


I just noticed, Andrew Garfield's teeth looked weird, it's as if he had no upper teeth. Take note that He did have upper teeth, it just appeared he has none. There were a lot of frames in the film, which made it obvious. But nonetheless, he's still charming as ever. I love the Andrew-Emma tandem.


- Why is there an X-men clip post credits in the Spider-Man film?


I watched The Amazing Spider-Man at Ayala Malls Cinema (Greenbelt, to be exact) and there's a short clip post credits. It's not about the next film, but instead a short trailer of X-Men. It was weird because both licenses belonged to different companies. With much digging, it seemed that there was a court case and the settlement was to include the X-Men clip in the Spider-Man movie. There had been a discussion going around that not all cinemas showed the post credit clip.

- Will the Amazing Spiderman 2 beat Little Bossings box office of Php500+M?


We all know what went down in the interview of Kris Aquino with Andrew Garfield and the fuss that made all Spider-Man fans (even plain citizens) enraged. Kris Aquino appeared rude and unprofessional in that said interview. She bragged that her son beat the first film in the box office for first day gross earnings. I've been seeing some plea in social media to boycott her endorsements and rallying to support the Spider-Man movie. It may seem unnecessary because almost all Filipinos know how Kris Aquino is. It's just a shame that she couldn't put her academic knowledge into good use.

Have you watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Let me know what you think!

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