TV5 presents special Mother’s Day made-for-TV movie ‘More Than Words’

A mother who struggles with words… A daughter who has numbed herself from the world’s deafening noise. Fate separated them from one another, but it was also fate that brought them back together. How are they to accept the truth about their bitter past if they are hindered by their own limitations to express and understand?

This Mother’s Day, TV5 brings to every home a compelling story about a mother who transcends all odds to search for her long lost daughter, in the special Studio5 Original Movies presentation “More Than Words”. Starring Alice Dixson in her most challenging role to date and Sarah Lahbati, who makes her TV comeback via her first project with TV5, “More Than Words” puts together a stellar ensemble of dramatic actors in a heart-moving made-for-TV movie that must be shared by the whole family to cap their Mother’s Day celebration on May 11.

In “More Than Words”, Alice Dixson plays the role of Sabel, an ex-convict who was imprisoned for killing the man who sold off her daughter to a rich family. This daughter grew up to be Emily (Sarah Lahbati), a troubled lass who resorts to loud rock music to deafen the voices of adversity around her. Emily is always in conflict with Vianna (Jackielou Blanco), the woman she had grown to know as her mother. Vianna vents her frustration on Emily because she is unhappy with being a mere voiceless wife to Samuel (Ariel Rivera), a successful businessman who has become a loving father to the child he chose to adopt.

Emily meets Sabel when her bandmate and friend Edwin (Carl Guevarra) recruits her to be a volunteer in teaching and training a community of parolees who are preparing to re-enter society. As a parolee herself, Sabel is part of this community and this is where she uses her untapped culinary skills. Sabel struggles with words, stuttering when she speaks as a result of a congenital speech defect that made her endure a difficult life of being mocked by everyone, including her own mother.

Despite her shyness and fear of rejection, Sabel finds herself opening up to Emily, who is also drawn to this mysterious woman who seems to live in a world of silence. Emily teaches Sabel the basics of reading and writing – something Sabel learns with a passion, for she grew up unschooled and taunted for her difficulty with words. Sabel longs to find her lost daughter, not knowing that the young woman who has been helping her is the one person she has yearned for all throughout her prison ordeal, and more so now that she is about to return to the outside world.

Directed by award-winning director Jon Red, “More Than Words” is bound to prove the acting mettle of Alice Dixson, Sarah Lahbati, Carl Guevarra, Jackielou Blanco, and Ariel Rivera. Catch this tearjerking made-for-TV film on Mother’s Day, May 11, 9:00 p.m., exclusively on TV5.
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