Yummy Taiwanese dishes at Red Onion Cafe at UP Town Center

Red Onion Cafe opened their first store at Ayala UP Town Center. They specializes in Taiwanese Beef noodles and crispy dumplings. Newcomers on the restaurant scene, Red Onion Cafe is one of the promising restaurants that offer Authentic Taiwanese dishes.

Here's a peek on what to expect at Red Onion Cafe:

While waiting for our dishes, we were served some refreshments. For now, Red Onion Cafe has a limited set of drinks to choose from. Fret not, because each of the drinks in the menu have a unique thing to offer. I tried their papaya milk shake to cool off the heat of the summer. It was refreshing and not sweet. 

Polonchay (Php168)

The dish is simply steamed water spinach. Order this if you want to add a veggie kick to your noodles or if you just want to eat veggies.

Taiwanese Crispy Dumplings (Php198)

This is one of their bestsellers. The dumplings were interesting because it was half steamed and half pan fried. It has this unique presentation that is good for sharing. Don't forget to dip it in their own sauce.

3 Spices Beef Noodle (Php288)

I love a good bowl of noodles and Red Onion did not disappoint. Their 3 Spices Beef Noodle had a thick rich broth made of 3 spices, namely Sichuan peppercorn, chili and other fiery spices. The sauce was not that spicy but full flavored. Red Onion's noodles tasted fresh and chewy. Their noodles were hand-shaven as compared to the usual hand-pulled noodles. But nonetheless, the taste is quite similar. A fresh noodle really goes a mile to achieve that perfect bowl of noodle. The serving (pictured above) is not the actual serving but a sample serving of the dish.

Red Onion House Fried Rice (Php188)

Asian dishes always have the good ol' friend rice. The fried rice have red onion garnishing on top. The fried rice goes well with their meat dishes as well as the dumplings.

Double Fried Sweet & Sour Pork (Php228)

Red Onion has a unique take on the typical Sweet and Sour pork. It was prepared simple, just the pork tenders and sauce, no other ingredients. The taste of this dish reminds me of honey glazed pork.

Sichuan Mala Chicken (Php198)

The dish is made with Mala sauce and Sichuan peppercorn, which is also known as Chili Chicken in some parts of China. The taste of the dish is new for me because it was a bit spicy a. n d there is a numbing/bitter-ish aftertaste. This dish was a bit overwhelming for my taste. If you like Sichuan peppercorns with chili, then dish is perfect for you.

Ginger Mahi-Mahi (Php388)

The Ginger Mahi Mahi resembles to poached fish with no hint of ginger. While for some this is a letdown, for me it was good. I never liked the taste of ginger, even in dishes. The Mahi Mahi was a healthy pick.

3 Cups Chicken (Php278)

3 Cups Chicken (San Bei Ji) is a famous Taiwanese dish. The name is derived from its ingredients, which are equal parts of soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame oil that constitutes the dark sauce for the chicken. This was my first time trying it, and it was good! It was like the Taiwanese version of our own Adobo.

Walnut Shrimp (Php388)

This dish has no relation to Taiwanese Cuisine.This dish is a beautiful outcome of the chef's experimentation in pursuit in discovering new dishes. It has a taste which resembles as a dessert for its tangy-sweet taste.

Mango flavored Shaved Snow Ice dessert (Php138)

Shaved Snow Ice is one of the must try desserts in Taiwan. Shaved ice dessert in Taiwan is prepared ina unique way than the normal ones. The favors are incorporated with the ice base (water) before freezing and was shaved thinly to a specific consistency which is so creamy good. red Onion offers two flavors for the meantime, Red Bean and Mango. Both of which are good, specially in this summer heat.

Red Bean flavored Shaved Snow Ice dessert (Php138)

Taiwanse Dishes may be overwhelming for some due to the combination of spices. For me, Asian dishes are my comfort food so I am bit used to overwhelming taste. What I liked about Red Onion is that they somehow was able to incorporate red onion in almost all of their dishes. I can taste them for almost all of the dishes served.

Ayala UP Town Center has a lot of restaurants to choose from, but if your craving for a good, rich bowl of beef noodles paired with dumplings, head over to Red Onion and taste the distinction.

Red Onion Cafe
GF Ayala UP Town Center
Katipunan Ave, Quezon City
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