Pnoy vs Supreme Court: Which side speaks the truth?

It all started with PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund), which turned out to be a big scam, that later on been reformed to DAP (Disbursement Acceleration Program). Now, DAP was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

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President Aquino was taken aback by the decision of the Supreme Curt. He defended the good intentions of DAP, which lead to his speech last July 14. A lot of our countrymen were quite confused about what prompted his state of the nation address, hence highlighting the decision of the Supreme Court about DAP.

Malacañang vs Supreme Court

President Aquino has expressed in his speech that he did not approve of the decision of the Supreme Court about DAP. He is standing by his word that DAP was formed based on the Constitution and it will help further the country's economic growth. But as you can remember from the trial of former Chief Justice Corona, the Aquino Administration actually appointed Maria Lourdes Sereno as Chief Justice in replacement of Corona despite the contradictions. So now that the Sereno Court unanimously voted (13-0 votes) the DAP to be unconstitutionalized, What seems to be President Aquino's main concern?

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The last few words from his speech was without doubt meaningful.
"My message to the Supreme Court: We do not want two equal branches of government to go head to head, needing a third branch to step in to intervene."

What do you think this message was pinning?

I say that this message just simply means that President Aquino wanted the opposition to be aware that any plot against the Aquino Administration will be carefully considered. We all know that when Pnoy was elected, he was aware that more than half of the people in the government were loyal followers of the former president. He was trying hard, within this past four years, to watch his own back while trying to fulfill his duties as the president, armed with his promise to the Filipinos of a "daang matuwid".

But what happens if these two branches goes head on for disagreement?  What will our government end up with?

Let's keep our ears, eyes and mind open and see how this story will transpire and affect our country.

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