Relieving the last few moments of ToyCon 2014

The biggest and grandest Toy Convention in the country has been one of the most anticipated event this year. I was grateful to be invited to witness the biggest Toy Converntion this 2014. I am not much of a Toy collector nor enthusiast, but I loved ogling at those adorable cosplayers, and Alodia was even there!

We went on the last day of the toy convention and let me tell you that SM Megamall was bursting with people. Cosplayers attracted a lot of attention that they almost decorated the whole Mega Fashion Hall. The Toy Convention was held at Mega Trade Hall 1 & 2, which I think was way too small for all those toys, activities and even people. The two halls was full packed.

Here's a compilation of a few photos we took from the ToyCon 2014:

Here are some collector toy items up for bid or sale:

Jigsaw Clown-ish toy from the Saw Movie series

Soshi's favorite, Iron Man collector items were nice, and also are for sale.

Superman vs Batman

Incredible Hulk

Green Lantern

Storm Trooper

Adorable Mary Jane

My shot at the backdrop of the Guardians of Galaxy booth

A peek at DC Universe online booth which is packed by busy online gamers

Tyrion Lannister mask for sale (which really looked like him)

The Superman statue that was too adorable. It really looked like Henry Cavill! I couldn't help myself fan-girling and touching him. 

Iris candidly took a shot with Venom.

And another one at the Rounin Kenshin backdrop

These were one of the unique cosplayers we saw. I can't remember which movie they were from. Alien vs Predators, maybe?

Justice League

Our pictures at the Batman at 75 backdrop

Filipino cosplayers of X-men Days of the Future Past cast. The characters were almost complete that time.

We were excited to see Alodia's booth, and we had some difficulty taking a good photo of her. We were surprised that Ashley was also there. This was as far as we can go to see her.

A lot of fans lined up to get their pictures taken and to talk to Alodia and Ashley. We were brimming with jealousy for those lucky fans.

The Hall was sprawled with collector item set of toys and even accessories for cosplayers. I was lemming for a lolita hand down costume for only Php600! There were also a lot of cute accessories, not only for cosplayers but for kikay girls. There were wigs of different color, hair colors in every bright shade possible, international brand make-ups, cute stockings and a lot more. It was certainly an eye feast!

Did I get the names of the toys correct? 

Let me know which one's your favorite at the comments below!

*Forgive me for this latepost. Better late than never, right? Hope you enjoyed the photos we took last ToyCon 2014, for we enjoyed ourselves browsing through those cute collector item toys and cosplayers as well. Thank you Azrael for giving us some invite. Hope to see you at the next ToyCon!*

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