BCDA vs Baguio City: What is this all about?

Baguio is known as the "Summer Capital of the Philippines" and one of our proud must-see tourist destination. Despite the current boom in tourism for our country, Baguio seemed to fall short in comparison to its counterpart area like Tagaytay and Subic.

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Little did I know, there had been a misunderstanding among certain departments swirling around the developments of Baguio City.

Bases and Convention Development Authority president Arnel Casanova, released an open letter that stated BCDA's concerns with Camp John Hay Development Corp. (CJHDEVCO). But reading both sides of the stories from here and here, it boils down to one thing: Money.

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Cassanova's open letter highlighted how BCDA have increased the revenue of Baguio City. There is an increase of tourists arrivals which benefited the business sector in the city. The letter also boasts on how they have increased local labor by generating significant amount of jobs for the city. With this all these developments, the letter also states that the BCDA did not forget about the environment and had environmental sustainability in mind. After reading the letter, I can't help but notice the disdain of the tone and the intention of reminding the city of Baguio of the "utang na loob" they have with BCDA.

Baguio City Mayor, Mauricio G. Domogan responded to Cassanova's open letter, acknowledging how BCDA had indeed helped Baguio City. Domogan mentioned that they were grateful for BCDA's help, but there are still some loopholes surrounding all of it. Mayor Domogan spilled enough details that could stir anyone's curiosity with what's really happening with Baguio City. The tug of war between BCDA and CJHDEVCO on which projects should be taken into consideration by the government had been ongoing that cases were already filed. Domogan's response appeared neutral by explaining more details, but putting BCDA in a bit negative light.

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I think this issue should be settled closed doors, without the involvement of media. Though this may result to another questionable use of money that is for the betterment of the city, its best they settle it first with the concerned people and department. This is just a misunderstanding between parties that needed further discussion to reach settlement.

As for Baguio City, I am expecting more from it. There's still more potential to the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Let's see how the government will stir the tourism economy more there.

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