Government claims full ownership of MRT 3

Yes it's true.

The intention of the government to gain full ownership of the MRT 3, the rail transit along EDSA, had been in the works.

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Transportation Secretary, Joseph Emilio Abaya mentioned that the government is looking for a settlement this year to gain full ownership of MRT 3. The compromise agreement between Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT3) and Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) requires an approval from the arbitrary panel and had been currently in process. The solution they are pining for is to buy all the shares of MRT Corp. (MRTC). DOTC's confident for its approval that they already struck a deal with China’s CNR Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co. Ltd for new trains that would somehow alleviate the congestion problem in MRT 3.

Does that bring good news to commuters?

All commuters are fully aware of the inefficiency and outdated system of the MRT 3. If the government stepping in would mean a more logical rail system, I'm all for it. The rail system is still the fastest and most efficient way of transport in my opinion. But its current state is somewhat infuriating, but at the same time leaves us no other choice. We, commuters bear all the mishaps and hardships riding the train that runs on its exceeding capacity, including those endless lines and not enough trains running. The situation in land transportation, which is the other option, is much worse. It will be a relief to hear if a new set of rules and guidelines will be laid out to make the system fluid and systematic.

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We expect a much better service for the same price (if not lower). If having a  better service means a slight increase in the fare, I wouldn't mind. With how things are with MRT 3 right now, a revised system would be a more welcomed change.

What changes would you like to see with the MRT 3?

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