Live an Amazing Life with Zing Rewards

When money comes in topic, everyone becomes uptight and stingy. But when you say discounts and rewards, people's eye immediately lit up and are all ears. I understand, we wanted to make the most of our hard earned money.

Enter another new way to make the most of your bucks: Zing Rewards. Zing Rewards is a complete business solution that offers unique and exceptional perks through a single, universal card that works in a variety of stores. It has the same concept as loyalty and membership cards, except even better. With every swipe, you get rebates and cash backs. Interesting right?

I was present when Zing unboxed its amaZING features at Century City Mall events hall.

Eric Mana doing amaZING things with his magic tricks that made the crowd speechless.

Julianne serenading the crowd while enjoying a delicious dinner spread.

Zing made the night more amaZING by giving out some packages from their partner merchants. A pampering package, a new gadget and a helicopter tour, Wohoo!

Zing completed the night by the announcement of Arch. Ed Limjoco, CEO, that they are donating a portion of what they've come up to the World Vision Foundation. A good way to end an amaZING night.

Thank you Zing Rewards Family for introducing this unique rewards card. I was happy to be given a pesonalized card. I can't wait to use mine and earn cash backs.

Visit their website to learn more on how amaZING it is to own a Zing card.

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