MRT 3 Derailment at Taft Station: Why did it happened?

An issue has caused much attention has happened last week. The MRT 3 derailment at Taft Station has caused so much stir that the inevitable can't be avoided.

As to what happened, to simply state it: A loaded train broke down just shortly after leaving Magallanes station due to insufficient power. To fix the problem, another train, which was emptied first at Magallanes station, was sent to rescue the stranded train. The empty train was coupled and set to push the broken train to Taft station. But another mishap happened, the coupling got detached which resulted in the loaded train to barrel and crash the steel barrier, going all the way to EDSA. This incident has left a lot of passengers injured, including the passerby and cars the train had crashed into.

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Metro Rail Transit Holdings (MRTH), which is responsible for Metro Rail Transit Corp. (MRTC) had openly stated that the EDSA-MRT 3 is long overdue of a maintenance, or even an upgrade since 2012. But the tedious and repetitive requests for a thorough examination to improve the Sub-standard Train System has been dismissed by the DOTC. This certainly was not the first mishap the MRT 3 has faced through these years, and most certainly not the last. 

Which makes us wonder, How were they able to come up with solutions to the previous mishaps? By pointing fingers attributing it to human error? By promising to add more trains? I don't think these solutions will work. A persistent issue needs a long term solution, which means that the MRT3 is in dire need of an upgrade and proper maintenance to function properly and efficiently. How hard can that be? Money and budget is not an issue here anymore. The Philippine Government can spend billions of peso having the MRT 3 upgraded and maintained while still having their "share" in their pockets. As long as the people see results that will benefit the majority, people will just shrug a shoulder. I myself wouldn't mind shedding a few peso in addition to my fare just to see a more improved and efficient MRT 3 system.

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As for Abaya's comment: "Riding is a personal decision. I won't go of my way to convince people to ride the MRT." I think it is quite selfish for him to say that. If he was a fellow commuter, I say he would have sympathized more, especially for the victims. He was making it look like it was not DOTC's fault, when in fact they are liable for it. Ego aside, Abaya should have thought things thoroughly before he gave that comment. After all, a public official should have the public's best interest in mind.

I have been severely disappointed with how land transportation in the Metro is getting a lot worse year after year. In other countries, Mass Rail Transit actually is the best way to go for it saves a lot of energy which lessen the hazardous contribution to the environment. But here, it's not the case. Commuters have to brave the worst and suffer in riding the MRT. I guess it's high time to change and improve the Sub-standard Train System this country has. Do you agree?

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