My thoughts on Pres. Aquino's State of the Nation Adress

President Benigno S. Aquino delivered his State of the Nation Address for this year, 2014 last July. It had been a controversial one considering he appeared on national television days before the SONA. As a normal citizen of this country, after hearing his accomplishments and future plans for his term, What are my thoughts on his report?

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I haven't been really a fan of politics, what I'm after as one of what he calls "Bosses", I'm all after results. So far with his four years as a president, I have been pleased to see major results. Starting off with how he handled the recent calamities our country faced. The killings and bombings in Zamboanga, the earthquake that stumbled Bohol and Central Visayas and Yolanda destroys Eastern Visayas particularly Tacloban, all three of them has sent the whole country into grief.

The good thing was the administration was able to unite the country to focus on one goal, and that is to help and take action. A lot may criticize beyond unreasonable thinking, but I can say that highlighting for each and every person that one little thing can make a difference somewhat awakened the Bayanihan spirit among all us. Normal citizens were given a chance to participate and help out in their own way. The results were astonishing.

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Another good news was that the government's efforts of talking to ICAO have bear good fruit, which resulted in lifting the significant safety concerns that they previously issued in our country. The great news was followed by the EU lifting its ban on PAL, allowing PAL to fly to Europe. It opened up a lot of opportunities for each and every Filipino to fly high and aim for a higher dream. I can't wait for Cebu Pacific to follow suit, which will result for more affordable flights going to Europe. Tourism will certainly increase exponentially.

Good governance is one notable thing that President Aquino has been putting more effort into. Armed with the media, the administration did not shy away from exposing the dirt this government (and past government) has had. This goal is the hardest since he has and will be faced with a lot of enemies within his office. In a way, keeping the media at bay somewhat makes the task a bit easier for a lot of people share the same goal as his. Weeding out the bad ones from the lesser bad ones (I don't believe there are good ones, because of the amount of monetary temptation is irresistible) had been bearing fruit. I think this is a jump start for Charter Change. The word Charter Change will make one cringe, but if you have all the information and intentions, you'll know that change is an unavoidable part, we just need to have the right mindset for it. It should never be forced.

May I add the passed Sin Tax? I couldn't be happier with it. I was hoping by inflating the prices of these things will raise awareness on the negative effect it does on our health. We can live without those vices, it's just hard if it's conveniently available anywhere at an affordable price. The price inflation will hopefully help us make wiser choices concerning our health.

I can only think of one negative thing from his report, and that is the constant comparison from the previous administration to his. All his efforts to dig up the dirt from the previous regime has been exposed to the public and we all have been made aware of it. I think at some point, it became exhausting to hear about it all the time. It can be compared to a person that couldn't get over his past lover. Does he think that by doing it makes his mistakes less evil? I don't think so.

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Action. I've seen more happened during Pnoy's administration. President Aquino may have used the media excessively for his efforts of change. In a way it was good because Filipinos on all walks of life have been more aware of our country's situation. Pnoy was indeed serious in reporting directly to his "bosses". The result may be that we tend to expect more from him, which may lead to disappointment. Which is fine for me, I'm just glad that I'm kept in the loop.

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