President Aquino for second term: Is this the right move?

The first rift started when President Noynoy goes head on with the Supreme Court, questioning their authority. Next was when he questioned the validity of the Constitution, the law which the whole country is suppose to abide. Now, President Aquino is thinking of amending the Constitution so he could run for a second term. What the fudge is happening to our leaders?

I think it's absurd to think that he can achieve everything he promised by extending his term. Though his intentions for running another term is to continue his efforts of paving a "Matuwid na Daan" for our country are great, but the methods are all screwed and wrong.

Pnoy for second term: Is this the right move for the Philippine Presidential Election 2016?

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I don't think so.

And how can he do that if the Constitution states that a president can run for one term? It's possible if the Constitution is to be amended, of more popularly known as Charter Change or Cha-Cha. If memory serves it right, his parents, more particularly his mom made a firm stand on No to Cha Cha years ago, and now why the sudden change of heart?

I can only think one reason: Greed for more Power. Who wouldn't? Being the most influential person in the country, the temptation to crave for more power is unavoidable, even the previous president was stoned for that intention. President Aquino is making a big mistake. The latter part of his term have been rough and shaky.

Here are five reasons why Pres. Aquino running for second term is a wrong move for him:

- Pres. Aquino has always been on the look out for people to trust inside his office, but his choice of appointees has always been in question because of lack of experience and expertise. Though their shortcomings are inevitable, the president still insists that they are the best choice.

- Though there have been developments in the pork barrel case against abusive people in position, it is not reassuring for us citizens, specially we know that pork barrel is just re-branded as DAP. Pnoy has yet to prove that DAP will be used for the good of the citizens, not in the pockets of these other greedy politicians.

- Pres. Aquino should have focused more in improving the MRT. He should see to it to put people who will take action and see to it that MRT is running smoothly, upgraded and maintained. By this, he is paving a way for a better transportation for the whole country, and the mass rail transit will be one of his legacy if this project ever succeed.

- He need to focus more on keeping the people safe by improving our task forces, starting with the local police. Crime rates haven't been improving, but getting a lot worse. By investing in improving the local police force in providing ample assistance for them, making their presence visible and alert, Crime will be the last thing people will resort to in order to survive.

- The Aquino Administration should really think things thoroughly before they speak, especially in front of the media. All their statements, positive or negative, will be taken to all context possible. More action is needed, more output and less talking in front of the media. Let the people recognize his efforts by the results of his actions.

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We are fully aware that there are a lot of things to be done for our country. President Aquino still has good two years to pave the road for our country towards "Matuwid na Daan". Pnoy for second term is not a solution for it, neither is amending the Constitution. His mother had her best years opposing Charter Change, so Pnoy should also vote No to Cha-Cha. He should focus more on making those two years count, that's the least he could do to retain the pride of the Aquino legacy.

As one of his "Bosses", Let me say this: Do not make hasty decisions just because of power and greed. Two years is still a long time to leave a good legacy for his regime. Let the bosses vote for another person who seemed deem fit to inherit the responsibility of ruling the country.

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