Aquino's Administration in crisis?

Aquino's Administration in crisis? It seemed so.

Presently faced with several issues, the Aquino administration is continuously struggling to please the "bosses". Let us recap how these issues had affected the daily life of the normal Juan dela Cruz.

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There's the continuous MRT mechanical problems that progressed into frequent MRT breakdowns. The faulty system of the MRT shouldn't have been an issue if the line had been upgraded by our government. But what solution does the government offer? None that makes sense. They insisted that the problems are not mechanical, but more of perspective, in which I think was garbage. As a fellow commuter, the MRT is a fast, affordable and reliable way to travel, including more environmental-friendly. But the frequent mishaps of the MRT due to mechanical issues have been becoming an MRT challenge, leaving the weary commuters to suffer for it every painstakingly day. The government doesn't fully realize the burden of the MRT mishap because they haven't experienced the challenge of riding the MRT.

And recently, there's this issue of Manila major traffic congestion due to the trucks routed to Manila port. Because of the implementation of "truck ban" in Manila, the south bound lanes were congested with trucks which went all the way up to NLEX. A lot of commuters were seen walking the stretch of NLEX. Again, our hardworking Filipinos felt the inconvenience of it to our daily hard lives. Again, the government pointed fingers and blamed other people for it, stating that traffic is a sign of a progressing economy, which does not actually remedy the problem.

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All the problems we are experiencing, there are plausible solutions. Solutions that is doable and executable. We just couldn't understand why our national government is too blind to see that the solutions will benefit the people and the whole country.

If Pres. Aquino could just stop pointing fingers and being vindictive, progress on these matters could have been at reach. None of these issue could have arisen and the citizens would stop bitchin' around and blaming the government for it. We, the bosses, only want one thing. We want CHANGE, changes that we can actually see or feel. Change that will draw a positive impact on the lives of Filipinos.

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