"Dementia" bring back the horror and suspense in Filipino films

"Hindi lahat ng alaala gusto mong magbalik"

DEMENTIA” is directed by Percival M. Intalan and the screenplay is by Renei Dimla, both awardees of the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. It is based on a story by Jun Robles Lana, the youngest member of the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature Hall of Fame.

Dementia is Perci Intalan's first film debut as a director, inspired by his experience with a loved one with Dementia. Instead of making it a heavy drama type of film revolving around the experiences of Dementia patients, he made an interesting twist to make it a suspense-horror film. 

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The story is about a woman named Mara Fabre (Nora Aunor), which is diagnosed with dementia and is brought by her family to her hometown in Batanes in the hope of jogging her memory. But instead of just recalling familiar places and faces, she then starts seeing visions no one else sees. It is only her young niece, Rachel (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), who begins to wonder if what Mara sees is just a by-product of her illness or if there really is something haunting her from the past.

The film is set in the beautiful paradise of Batanes, where everyone will be mezmerized by the beauty of nature of Batanes. Perci Intalan utilized the scenery to make spine chilling horror story coupled with a good and very eerie soundtrack.

Noranians will sure beam with pride because Nora Aunor is brilliant in the film. She barely spoke in the entire film, but her presence surely is a big contributing factor. Her facial gestures and reactions surely made the film more intense. Chynna Ortaleza was also very effective in the film.

There were some parts of the film that was somehow inspired by other horror films. Like the white bride doll which was highlighted several times but had little part in the story and how Chynna came out under the bed and crawled her way towards Jasmin which was very "Sadako"-ish; but none the less, Dementia's horror appeal was very effectual.

I love Asian Horror Films but I'm quite disappointed on how the Philippines is considered an Asian country but our horror films are run-of-the-mill. I'm talking about Asian Horror films comparable to the likes of The Grudge, The Ring, and even Pee-mak. (Pee-mak is not actually a horror film but a dark comedy one, but still the cinematography was brilliant because it still exudes that chilly horror vibe).

Dementia surely lives up to my expectation of how an Asian horror film should be. Perci certainly made the mood and setting a contributing factor to build up the edge-of-the-seat suspense that will make you anticipate what horror the story has in store. I was beaming with pride on how well the cinematography was. It is a step forward to better horror films that will make our country proud. 

Kudos to Direk Perci Intalan! I can't wait for Shake Rattle and Roll (He revealed that he will also be working with the Shake Rattle and Roll crew), its high time to bring back the fear and terror in Shake Rattle and Roll. The last time it haunted me was a few decades ago when Janice was one of the lead actresses and Aiza Seguerra was still a kid. 

Catch the horror and beauty of Dementia in your nearest cinemas on September 24.

Did Mara jumped or was she pushed over the cliff? 

You have to watch the movie to find out!

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