Allison Harvard: A TOP Model for the Top Choice for Bioessence

It is 20 years and counting for Bioessence, the beauty clinic chain that started operations with only 3-bed clinic in 1194. Now a brand in the Philippine beauty business, Bioessence remains competitive, not only for its marketing efforts, but for its cliets' pleasant experiences through courteous greetings and pleasant chats, welcomed by the most hygienic housekeeping and service with quality treatments.

Bioessence prides itself as a beauty clinic composed of highly trained therapists, equipped medical related personnel and professional staff. They are trained abroad to be at par with global standards, competent and credible to perform beauty and spa services.

Who'll best fit to represent Bioessence? None other than Allison Harvard. An American Model, artist, actress and internet celebrity, Allison considers it an honor to represent one of the pioneers in the beauty and wellness industry.

As one of the most sought after endorser here and abroad, Allison finds Bioessence as a gift and not just one of her usual jobs.With Bioessence, she does not just pose and look pretty for endorsement photos but rather, she found a home that takes care of her beauty and wellness needs. Asked what she loves most about Bioessence, she quips "Bioessence to me is family. The warmth that they extend not just to me but to all of their clients is just amazing! Everyone is treated with genuine care and respect that you just know how deep the connections they have with their clients. I have personally seen and experienced it through all my visits in Bioessence. It's just wonderful to see how welcome and happy everyone is when they visit the clinic. Truly, Bioessence is like a haven for relieving stress and getting your beauty fix without any hassle."

Allison is such a strong presence that she simply lights the room with her bubbliness and charm. With this, Bioessence have gotten just the perfect ambassador to represent the brand. The company has grown into the beauty empire that it is now with around 50 branches nationwide thanks to the hard work and dedication of a very inspiring lady, Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero. When asked just how she managed it, this is her heartwarming reply: "As a clinic, as a company, we are founded on passion and a commitment to making each customer happy. We are passionate about giving our best to our patients. We pay attention to details to ensure that our patients feel relaxed, pampered and happy right from the moment they enter our clinic. We are committed to meet our client's needs and exceed their expectations in terms of customer service and treatment procedures through continuous training and world class treatments and amenities."

So much so that Allison Harvard enjoys every visit to Bioessence and does so regularly. Her favorite treatment is the Oxygen Botanical Celebrity Facial that helps bring out her natural glow and protects her skin from all the stress of her daily routine.

And for all the beauty and wellness enthusiasts out there, this is what she has to say "I would like to thank Dr. Emma for giving me a second home in the Philippines who takes good care of me and truly makes me feel a part of the family. For everyone who wants to know just how much Bioessence can give you a one of a kind pampering like you have never been before, feel free to visit them anytime. Bioessence is a one stop shop for pampering and rejuvination. For all skin, slimming and spa needs, BIOESSENCE IS MY TOP CHOICE."

Want to have the same glowing skin like Allison Harvard? Head over the nearest Bioessence branch to try their treatments that will make you feel pampered and indeed a celebrity.

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