The Art of Tantanmen and Curry at RYU Ramen and Curry

The Japanese is famous for its culinary arts and one of its well-known "artwork" is Ramen. A new Japanese gastronomincal gallery is cooking up flavorful masterpieces -- RYU Ramen and Curry, The art of Tantanmen and Curry.

RYU means "dragon" in Japanese. And just like the legendary creature, RYU captures the imagination and culinary experience of those who gets to enjoy its dishes.

RYU's signature ramen, the Tantanmen Ramen gets reinvented and 5 new Tantanmen Ramen varieties were born. Behold RYU's Tantanmen 5:

Classic Tantanmen
Rich miso based broth with delectable chasu slices, spicy ground pork, soft boiled eggs and tasty noodles.

Ebi Tantanmen
Shrimp bits packed goodness in a bowl of flavorful miso based stock with fresh green vegetables and noodles.

Yaki Buta Tantanmen
Rich flavor of tender pork ribs that strips off the bone with a mix of fresh vegetables and noodles in a bowl of miso based soup

Karaage Tantanmen
Hefty chicken pieces topped with shiitake mushrooms, vegetables and noodles in a bowlful of miso based broth.

Gyu Tantanmen
Generous slices of tender beef with vegetables and noodles in a savory miso broth soup.

Ryu also offers its signature Curry cuisine that will spice up your palate. RYU's signature curry dishes are RYU Ramen Curry, Katsu Curry, Katsu Cheese Curry, Torikatsu Curry, Tori Karaage Curry, Ebi Furi Curry, Pork Gyoza Curry, Seafood Curry and Beef Tendon Curry.

RYU has a cozy ambiance that will let you enjoy the treasure dishes prepared by its culinary artists.

So if you want ramen with a flavor of ingenuity, experience it only at RYU Ramen and Curry, The Art of Tantanmen and Curry.

Which of the 5 Tantanmen do you crave most?

RYU Ramen and Curry is conveniently located at Tomas Morato Quezon City, UP Town Center Katipunan, and SM Jazz Makati.

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