Experiencing the benefits of the Dead Sea with Aqua Minerals

The Dead Sea is known to have therapeutic properties since ancient times. A lot of tourist travel all the way to Jordan just to cover themselves with the mud from the Dead Sea. Data shows that there are 35 types of minerals found in the Dead Sea which makes its salt rich in minerals that are believed to cure or alleviate the symptoms of ailments ranging from skin problems such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis to rheumatic diseases, like various forms of arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Aqua Minerals is one of the companies that takes pride of utilizing the health benefits of the dead sea.  They brought all the good stuff from the dead sea and created an amazing products that you can instantly see the results.

Aqua Minerals here in the country have tapped into bloggers to highlight their products and for them to witness the magic with their own eyes.

I was invited to the Blogger's date with Aqua Minerals at Gramercy Residences. We were able to meet with the founders and got to listen to them explain what Aqua Minerals was about.

They have different skin care line which caters to different types of dermatological concerns. They also have a nail kit which brings the shine back to your dull and overly processed nails.

I am aware of the Aqua Minerals brand even before the event.. They have friendly staff which will let you try their products so you can see the results with your own eyes before even thinking of purchasing one.

Aqua Minerals prides itself to bring the best and quality products to the customers. You may not have heard of them, mainly because all their efforts were concentrated on enhancing their products, thus the scarcity of advertisements and promotionals.

We were able to try most of their products at the event. What I liked most about their products are the exfoliating scrub and butter combo, mudpack and peeling gel. I have a dry and flaky skin, especially during the cold and crisp air brought by the holidays. Those products is the best choice to keep my skin hydrated and bright.

After the fun event of product testing, Aqua Minerals gave us a surprise parting gift. What I got is the Professional Nail kit which I can't wait to try soon. I'm excited to review it soon.

AroundthebuzzPH is cooking something up in partnership with Aqua Minerals so that our beloved readers can also experience the wonders of the Dead Sea. Watch out for it!

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