Maroon 5's viral 'Sugar' wedding-crashing music video is fake

Raina Hein. Photo Credit:

Maroon 5's viral music video for their newest single 'Sugar' is back on the trending topics as everyone's talking that the wedding-crashing scenes are apparently staged.

When the video was released online, most people immediately assumed that the band actually gate crashed real weddings. This is, of course, in relation to how the music video was presented to the public on top of frontman Adam Levine's statement about how wonderful it is to be part of newly weds' special day.

However, some people were able to catch one of the brides in the video who looked like America's Next Top Model contestant Raina Hein who happens to be single.

Some also noticed that there was no crying bridesmaid in any of the weddings that they've crashed.

Sooner, Stephen and Barbara Woo who appeared as parents of one of the brides featured in the video, take it to Facebook saying that the whole thing is 'staged'.

Woos' Facebook post. Photo Credit:

"In fact, all of the weddings were filmed at the same location over a three-day period. Sorry for the buzz kill," said the Woos in a statement posted in Facebook which was later taken down.

Regardless if the controversial video is fake or not, the idea of crashing weddings worked out well for 'Sugar' as the song debuted at number 8 on the Billboard Top 100.

If you happen to missed the trending-now-controversial 'Sugar' music video, watch it below:

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